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How To Create Free Graphics For Your Personal Brand

Creating Graphics for your Personal Brand You have a passion. You have a purpose. You have a plan. But now you need beautiful graphics for your business/brand, right? You scour the internet for free stock images. You’re overloaded with emails offering a batch of photos for a price. I’m here to tell you, you don’t […]

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Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts

You know that pound sign on your keyboard…yep, the craze on social media and Instagram! My son even came home with a cute picture drawn by a girl with #firstkiss! Everyone knows what hashtags are, even 4th graders. So what exactly should you do with hashtags to help your business? First and foremost, what’s a […]

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Instagram Bio Guide

Instagram Bio Guide – ultimate guide to making more connections and relationships with your followers! What does your Instagram bio say about you?  Would you take your bio, print it on a business card and feel comfortable handing it out to potential clients? Your bio is your business card! Now that I have your attention, […]

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Simple Method to Curate Instagram Content

How many of you struggle with Instagram post ideas? I’m very excited to share my simple method to curate Instagram content.  You know I love Instagram. I always say it’s my jam.  Recently, I wrote a post here on my blog about how to curate and brand your Instagram grid…so you can build your business […]

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