10 Photo Ideas for Instagram

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Okay, let’s get into photo ideas or photo topics when you have ZERO ideas!
1. Flat lay – this is the easiest type of photo and there’s a plethora of sites that offer freebies and paid options. When choosing flat lays though, stick to your brand! They should reflect your brand/personality and not stick out on your grid like a sore thumb. Not only are you seeking to be consistent, you also want to remain cohesive. But don’t obsess over the perfectly, curated feed
2. Branded quote. If you have a great caption, topic or lesson of the day, pull out a great one-liner or teaser. Make a branded quote in Canva. Not only are quotes popular and eye-catching, it’s branded to you! Choose a quote style and use that style throughout your grid.
3. Lifestyle photo – One of my favorite photo ideas for Instagram is posting a lifestyle photo. Showing what is going on in your life, whether you are at an event, out with your family, or a photo of your everyday life is a great way to get engagement. These work well on Instagram because they’re not perfectly staged photos. It allows your audience to learn more about the person behind the photo and get a peak into your life.
4. Behind-the-scenes – if you’re a fitness coach, show the equipment you use. If you’re a photographer, show your gear and supplies. If you’re a mindset coach, show your office space and how you prep for the day.
5. The Selfie – a well-lighted selfie can go a long way. No worries if you don’t have branded photography. Face a window, set the timer and take a shot! Take several shots with different poses and props. Your people want to see your face! For every 9 posts, your face should appear at least twice.
6. A Collage or a Carousel to show steps or a process – I prefer carousels. It forces the user to swipe their finger on your post to see the next few photos. This tells the algorithm that the user is active with your post. That’s what you want!
7. Create An info-graphic – these are HOT right now on Instagram.
8. Add a photo of you to a graphic. You can do this to your branded quotes. I also do this for my Podcast posts. I always feature a picture of my guests, or for my mini episodes I show a picture of myself. Again, seeing pictures of faces gets more engagement compared to posts with no faces.
9. Screenshots of a conversation or a testimonial – this shows authenticity and credibility. Instead of taking a testimonial graphic, screenshot it and size it for Instagram. Helps to build brand authority and saves you time.
10. Video – yep…I know it’s not a photo, but video is proven to increase your engagement on Instagram. You can also take past videos you’ve already created and pull out photos. Using an iPhone, you can open your Photos app. Select the video and then drag your finger at the bottom to slowly go through your video. Stop on a section that shows a good action shot of you. Screenshot that moment and size it for Instagram
When it comes to Instagram, don’t be afraid to be creative, step outside of your own box! As long as you’re consistently delivering content to your audience, they will love you!


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