3 Instagram Myths that are Paralyzing with host, Allison Scholes on the Social Media for Mompreneurs Podcast


Are you struggling with Instagram right now because of all the “do-this” and “you-must-do-that” speeches? Spinning your wheels on how to figure out what’s really important on Instagram.

Today, I got you! I’m spilling the tea on 3 Instagram myths that are probably holding you back from taking massive action! You know I’m all about authenticity with a side of honesty and reality.

In today’s show you’ll find out:

  1. Is Instagram a video or visual platform.
  2. Are Reels really necessary for growth.
  3. How much effort to put on hashtags.

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3 Instagram Myths that are paralyzing you with host, Allison Scholes

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What I’m about to tell you might shock you, or go against what other entrepreneurs say about Instagram.

So here goes…

Instagram is not a video platform!

That’s right. While video performs very well and is prioritized by Instagram, it is a VISUAL platform. So, will static posts still help your account? Yes they will! Just think to yourself when you scroll Instagram, what makes you stop the scroll? What is it about the image?

Myth #2 – You must do Reels to grow!

This is a giant myth causing many entrepreneurs to panic or give up hope! Good news Allison. Reels are not required to grow your account. Do they help your visibility big time? YES, but let’s think about this for a minute. Reels attracts a lot of people, but usually not your ideal peeps. You might get a big influx of followers, but eventually they will drop off in the long run. In short > Reels are not the answer to growth! Being consistent with valuable content should be your focus.

And finally, you must have a great hashtag strategy to get seen on Instagram. (NOT!)

That’s probably my favorite myth. Here’s the honest truth. Do hashtags help you get discovered by new people? Yes. Are hashtags the only way to get discovered by new people? No! Stop stressing over hashtags. Hashtags will always remain a test and be ever-changing. I’d rather see you spend more time on your content, utilizing stories and growing your email list.

Here’s the thing. Instagram can be a lot of fun, but overwhelming at times. You could continue to pursue Instagram alone and pick up a few tips and strategies here and there, or you could be apart of a community where you learn how to leverage Instagram that’s right for your business alongside amazing women entrepreneurs who support you!

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Having all of this doesn’t mean you have to be on Instagram 24/7! You can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone! I’d love to be by your side and show you the way.

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