3 JUICY tips on how to EXPLODE your Facebook Group. In this episode, I share the juicy tips on how to increase engagement, build community and drive traffic to your Facebook Group.

Hey, welcome back friends to another bonus episode. That’s right. I’m giving you another bonus episode this month. And today I am going to talk about Facebook groups. I know what you’re thinking. “Allison is going to talk about Facebook groups?” Normally I’m always hashing out Instagram hacks, tricks strategies, right? But today I am flipping the script and I’m going to talk about Facebook groups, especially how to get the engagement and build community. Because right now my Facebook group is blowing up and I want to teach you exactly what I’m doing so you can blow up your Facebook group, get the engagement and get those awesome connections.

3 JUICY tips on how to EXPLODE your Facebook Group. In this episode, I share the juicy tips on how to increase engagement, build community and drive traffic to your Facebook Group.

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Full transcription:

Come on friends. Let’s chat about Facebook groups because Facebook groups has a lot of power these days to not only get more eyes on your brand and your business, but it’s a great way to build engagement with your audience and to build your community. So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to walk you through the three main things on how I get engagement in my group and how I build community and how I drive traffic to my Facebook group. I know usually I’m on here always talking about Instagram and how we grow our brands on Instagram, but Facebook groups are really powerful because it’s all about building strong connections with your audience.

So let me start with how I drive traffic to my Facebook group. The way that I’m doing it and how it’s converting so well for me is I talk about my Facebook group and invite people over there through two different formats. I do it through my podcast on different podcasts episodes. Usually in the beginning, I will just make sure that I invite my audience over to my Facebook group and let them in on what they’re going to learn, what they’re going to get out of it. You know, the kind of connections they’re going to get. They can grow their business through my Facebook group. So I always invite people through my podcast. And then the other way that I’m doing that is I’m talking about my Facebook group in my Instagram, whatever I have going on in my Facebook group, whether it’s a training or a challenge or something that was shared, that’s really exciting.

I talk about it in my Instagram stories. And then I asked my audience to join my Facebook group, or I asked them to send me a DM and I can give them the link because that makes it so much easier for them just to click the link and then join my Facebook group. So that’s how I’m driving traffic through my podcast and through Instagram stories. Now, if you don’t have a podcast, maybe you have a YouTube channel. Maybe you have your own website and you, you are writing weekly blog posts, or even your email campaigns that you’re sending to your audience. You can easily sneak in an invitation to your Facebook group, right through your email list or right at the bottom of your blog post, or maybe even at the top of your blog posts and same with your YouTube channel. I would continually to invite people over there.

People are not going to simply find it when they’re on Facebook. Can that happen? Absolutely. I’ve had people find me right on Facebook, but majority of my traffic comes from my podcast or my Instagram stories. So that is how I’m driving traffic to my Facebook group. Now within my Facebook, my Facebook group, how am I getting the engagement in that group? I am doing three things inside my group. That’s working so well. Number one is I offer a lot of challenges in my group. So what I’ll do is maybe once a month, I will run a three to a five day challenge in the group and I will provide prompts. And, but the focus here, this is something you need to remember. If you are going to run a challenge inside your Facebook group, you need to make sure that the challenge focuses on the members with their problems or their frustrations, and it’s focused on their needs.

It’s not about me. It’s not about you in your Facebook group. You have to make sure that it is about your members. So running challenges is a really easy way to get the engagement. I’ve done a video challenge. I’ve done an Instagram stories, challenge. I’ve done a real challenge. My challenges are always super successful because it’s focused on my members’ needs and it’s helping them to get out of their comfort zone. They’re getting supported by the other members. And they’re also getting engagement through that group on their business, whether it’s on their Instagram or count, or maybe it’s on their blog posts, right? So they’re getting something out of it. So run challenges in your Facebook group. There are a lot of fun. They don’t need to be hard. So that’s my way of how I’m getting the engagement in my Facebook group. The second way is I’m always providing some sort of training on a specific topic, but make sure when you do trainings in your Facebook group, because they want to be there, right?

You want to give them juicy details, no fluff. You guys, you can’t just give them the fluffy, you know, this is what you need to be doing. I always give my group the how, right? I go deeper in my trainings and give them the how. And then I also bring in experts. That’s outside of my niche because I can’t teach on everything, but you’re going to find that in your Facebook groups, your members are going to want a lot more than what you just offer. So this is your opportunity to bring in other entrepreneurs, other experts, and have them train inside your group. And what that does is opens the door. It opens an opportunity for that expert to bring you into their group. And that gets more eyes on you and more eyes on your business. I do this all the time. I exchange or collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

I will bring one into my group and they will train on something. That’s completely out of my niche. And then I will go in their group and I will train on Instagram or reels or whatever they need me to do, um, for their members. But you want to make sure that your members need or want that training. And the way to do that is constantly be polling constantly be asking your members inside your group questions, right? Ask them what their frustrations are, ask them what they’re struggling with, ask what they want. You know, if you were to create this or that, which one would they want? You’re, you’re constantly asking questions in your Facebook group. Number three, I also post regularly, right? I show up Monday through Friday with posts. And what I’ve done is I’ve done daily themes. This is working really well in my Facebook group.

So I will have a welcome post at the beginning of the week. What is so great about having a weekly welcome post for new members? It gives your members the immediate opportunity to talk about themselves, right? So you immediately put the focus on them and people like to talk about themselves. So that gets them super excited to be in your group. Next, I always ask a question, right? Going back to that part every Wednesday, I think I’m always asking a question or taking a poll. I’m asking them their frustrations. I’m asking them what they want to learn. You know, this or that. What would they rather have? Do they want another challenge? That kind of stuff always ask questions. I always have an inspiration post once a week. It could be a quote. It can be me being vulnerable about being an introvert. Can you relate to this?

So I’m always inspiring my group. I also give, um, weekly options or opportunities for my members to share either their freebies there later podcast episodes there or their Instagram account so they can get more engagement. They can get more followers. I always make sure that I’m focusing on my members and helping them, you know, grow their reach, grow their audience. When your Facebook group focuses on your members, your members are going to be way more engaged. They’re going to want to be in your group. They’re going to want to be engaging because they are getting something out of it for themselves. And then of course, at the end of the week, I always share how I can help them. Either ways they can work with me or maybe I’ve created a new freebie, or I have a brand new podcast episode that I know that they’re going to love.

So that is how I am getting the engagement and building community in my Facebook group. Number one is I’m driving traffic there through my podcast and my Instagram stories. I find that those two are working great. If you don’t have a podcast drive traffic through your YouTube channel, your email campaigns or your blog posts. And then within the group start doing challenges. People are loving challenges in Facebook group, especially when the challenge focuses on their needs, their frustrations, maybe even their fears this past week. Right now, I’m doing a video challenge inside my Facebook group. Some of these women have never done a video yet. They are showing up on their platforms doing video. And then coming back to the group saying that they did it and they are getting the support and the accountability, all the cheerleading in my group. And it’s so cool to watch these women light up and have the confidence in the courage to do something in their business that they’ve never done before.

And then finally, I post regularly in that group Monday through Friday, and I come up with daily themes that I know is going to help my audience. So that is the just on Facebook groups. That’s how you can build engagement and build community and get the traffic. If you don’t have a Facebook group, I highly recommend that you start one.

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