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4 Sustainable Ways to Grow Your Business Without Relying on Social Media

“Social media is the new black”, as they say. It’s all the rage, and it’s how everyone is doing business these days. But what if you were told that this isn’t true? What if I told you there are 4 sustainable ways to grow your business without relying on social media? Today we will explore those other ways.

Why you should focus on creating long form content and spend less time on social media.

Social media is a noisy space and it’s space we don’t own. So why grow your business on rented land? It’s in your best interest to focus on the land you own, whether it’s a website, podcast or a video platform. With your own land, you control the format, the message and the mission.

The power of blogging.

Blogging is not dead. It is a powerful tool for building authority, driving traffic to your website, capturing email addresses, and ultimately growing your business. Use blogging as a way to build your brand with value-driven content. Content on your website is the cornerstone piece to get ranked and found on Google.

The importance of Pinterest to grow your business.

Pinterest is a great platform for building brand awareness and sharing content that lives on. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and generate leads, especially if you’re in an industry where consumers are looking for inspiration on how they can use or improve their businesses or lives.

Pinterest is also great at building your email list.


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Email marketing vs social media marketing. Which will grow your business faster?

Email marketing is more personal and targeted than social media.

When you send an email to your customer base, they will see it in their inboxes as soon as they log into their accounts. It’s not pushed down by ads or promoted posts on Facebook. Email gives you the opportunity to craft messages that speak directly to each individual recipient, which makes them more likely to engage with what you have to say and take action on whatever offer/promotion/content you’re promoting through email marketing.

Email also has a longer shelf life than most other types of digital marketing channels–you can often expect at least 20% open rates even after sending out several campaigns over time (as opposed to 1-2% engagement rates on Facebook or Instagram). The reason for this is simple: people check their email much more frequently than any other social media platform; therefore there’s less chance that someone will miss out if he/she doesn’t see something immediately upon logging into his/her account one day.”

We are all busy people, but it is important to understand that there are other sustainable ways to grow your business without relying on social media.

Social media can be a short term fix and not a long term solution for growing your business. It is not the way to grow your business because it requires constant upkeep and maintenance, which means more time spent on managing accounts rather than actually selling products or services and making money!

Social media can be very helpful if you use these platforms wisely and effectively but they are not the only way to grow your business. You should focus on creating long form content such as blog posts or podcast episodes which can help build trust with potential customers in a more personal way than just posting pictures of yourself online would do so.

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