If you’re anything like me, you’re on Instagram to grow your business.  Every day, you’re checking your account, liking other posts and posting about your business. But all you hear are crickets. No one is liking your posts. No engagement. No DM’s. You might be wondering if this Instagram thing is really for you. Or is Instagram against you because you don’t have tens of thousands of followers?

Trust me, Instagram is the place to be to build your business, no matter your account size. You probably just need to make a few tweaks to really start attracting the right people. So, let’s get to the good stuff.

First and foremost, you MUST completely understand and have your Personal Brand clearly defined to grow on Instagram. What is a personal brand? You might be thinking your brand is your logo or your colors or just your website. This is just part of the equation. Your personal brand is YOU and what you stand for. Your personal brand is the overall experience you give your followers. It’s not just what they see or hear, it’s how they feel after they’ve been exposed to your content. Your brand, my friend, is basically your overall reputation! So what reputation do you want to be known for on Instagram? Once you have that nailed down, then you can implement the 5 ways to stand out.

5 simple ways to stand out on Instagram

5 simple ways to an Instagram Makeover to start representing your brand!

The absolute first thing to check off your list is upload a professional head shot. A selfie in the bathroom or in the car will not cut it. Ask yourself this, will you follow or work with someone who has a fuzzy, not-so-great looking profile picture? I know I wouldn’t think that person takes their business seriously.

Tip: if you can’t afford a professional photographer, post on Facebook that you’re looking for a local photographer willing to exchange services/products and testimonials for a quick 15-30 minute branding session.

Next on your list; update your Instagram bio to attract the RIGHT people to your account. Be direct and to the point. State exactly what you do and HOW you help your ideal customer. What’s in it for them? Stick to your niche; you don’t want to confuse your audience…they will flee if they don’t know specifically how you can help them. And always include a call-to-action/offer and a link!

Now it’s time to set the mood/tone for your Instagram grid. Remember the personal brand talk? Basically, you want your personality to shine in your grid. Come up with 3 personality traits that describe you and ask a few people close to you for 3 traits. Pick the top 3 and stick to them. You will start to portray these traits through the photos you choose, your content and how you write your captions. Remember, how do you want to be remembered on Instagram? For example, if you visit my grid, the mood/tone I’m going for is creativity, inspiration and fun (with some sass.) These 3 traits represent my personality.

Here comes the fun part: colors! I think it’s important to set some sort of color palette for your Instagram grid.  If you already have a website, then your Instagram grid should reflect your site…same colors, same feel.  If your website has a lot of white and is very fresh and airy, your grid should look similar. Feel stuck? I suggest you create a vision board on Pinterest and pin photos and color palettes that vibe with you and bring out your personality traits.

Last, but not least, how many of you feel STUCK when it comes to posting consistently on Instagram? I’ve been there, until I created Instagram categories! Instagram categories are simply post-types. Having categories for your posts will keep you consistent and relevant. Examples of categories are:

  • new blog post
  • mom life
  • inspiration/quotes
  • behind-the-scenes
  • promos or freebies
  • gratitude
  • vulnerable post
  • coffee or food
  • tutorials
  • personal insights

Come up with categories that relate to you and your business. I suggest a minimum of 6 and a max of 12 categories.  Every month, fill your calendar with your categories. Keep in mind, Instagram is all about making connections; that’s why categories are so helpful.

Grab my free Instagram Makeover cheat sheet >>here<< to keep you organized!

If you’re still feeling stuck when it comes to posting on Instagram or you find yourself spending way too much time searching for photos and writing captions, that’s where Boss Lady Insider can be your secret weapon for posting!

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It’s my monthly lifestyle stock photo subscription. Every month, members have access to 20 curated photos and 10 caption templates. Members are also included in a private community group on Facebook. In the group, I conduct a monthly masterclass with a specific theme.

It’s only $15 per month, but you can get your first month for just $10 when using a coupon code by listening to my recent podcast episode, all about these strategies I just discussed. Make sure to check the show notes to grab the code!

There you have it, 5 simple ways to stand out on Instagram. It’s all about being consistent, showing up for your audience and staying true to who you are. Happy posting!

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