7 Easy Ways To Get More Eyeballs On Your Instagram Stories


Today’s episode is filled with tips and creative apps to up level your Instagram Stories.

Let’s get you more Instagram Story views!

7 ways:

  1. You gotta show up! Consistency matters if you want your Stories viewed.
    1. 3-5 slides per day to start. Up to 10 throughout the day.
  2. Post stories that your audience wants to see! Whatever content you put out there, make sure it’s either informative, educational, relatable, inspiring or educational.
  3. There’s a reason Instagram calls them Stories, because you’re presenting a story to your audience. So, if you want more eyeballs try to add an intro slide to your story
    1. Post a photo with a caption letting them know the topic
    2. Or ask a question. Want to see how I make a protein smoothie with just 4 easy ingredients?
    3. Grab their attention quickly! People are quick to swipe. If they know exactly what the story is about they are more inclined to watch!
  4. SHOW YOUR FACE – either in a photo or video. This is vital to building trust with your avatar!
  5. Caption your stories – a lot of folks have the volume super low or muted so give them a summary and keep your caption fonts cohesive and clean.
  6. GET TO THE POINT! People don’t have time for fluff. Nobody cares about the fancy filter you’re using. No need to welcome everyone and what a fabulous sunny day, blah, blah, blah. Get to the point. Also, always try to demonstrate something over telling!
    1. Skincare products…demonstrate the product over just you telling (bobble head).
  7. The number 1 thing you should do every so often in stories is use the poll, quiz and question stickers! Don’t assume your audience likes your stories. Ask for feedback!


Okay, you got the basics down. Let’s up level your STYLE!

Here are my favorite apps to add animation, my brand or just add a clean/crisp look to my Stories.

  1. Canva—templates, some templates have animation and it’s a great way to start styling your stories to your brand…adding your branded colors and fonts.
    1. Reason for all of this: to be recognizable and memorable in your Stories
    2. Free or paid version
  2. Unfold – say HELLO to a super easy app to give your Stories a clean and crisp look. I use it all the time.
    1. Free or paid version
  3. Mojo – mojo has some cool layouts and animation effects like photos that slide in or texts that swipe up.
    1. Free or paid version
  4. InShot – I like to use this one for video and to trim video and put clips together.
    1. Caption, sticker and a lot of other options
    2. Free and paid version (I use the free version right now)
  5. Patternator – this one will blow your mind! You create a LIVE pattern background, which you can animate. You can upload a photo of you, create yourself as a pattern background. It’s fun and showcases your personality. Upload it to your Stories as an intro or slap your favorite quote of the day on it! It’s super fun and addicting. You might lose yourself on this one!


I could go on and on, but those are my top 5 apps to up level your Stories!

Don’t let Stories overwhelm you! One day at a time, one story at a time.

Honestly, start showing your face and add captions to your stories. This is where I would start!

If you’re still nervous and uneasy about Stories, I invite you to join my Free Facebook Group, Social Media for Mompreneurs. I’m always dropping Instagram Story ideas and templates to help you show up for your audience. It’s a super fun community and I’d love for you to join in on the fun!

And don’t forget, I also offer 1-on-1 coaching to help you show up on Instagram with a strong brand and killer content.




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