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Are you self-sabotaging your big goals? Here’s your Mindset Transformation!

Are you self-sabotaging your big goals? How about mindset transformation today?  We’re now into the 4th quarter of the year and you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with your goals or maybe your business is a bit stagnant.

Today, I have Heidi Gruss as a guest who is a licensed psychotherapist, and we get into self-sabotage and the biggest misconception about mindset transformation and why it might be difficult for you to make changes and achieve your goals.

During the interview you’ll discover:

  • Self-sabotage identity
  • Why it is so difficult for people to make changes or achieve the goals they set
  • Negative labels and the types of resistance
  • The biggest misconception about mindset transformation

And don’t forget to snag the journal I mentioned on the show!

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Excerpt from the interview:

Allison: Why is it so difficult for people, especially moms, to make changes or achieve the goals they set?

Heidi: I think the first thing that I see that is so common is how easily distracted we are.

We live in a world where our focus and attention can get redirected towards something that really doesn’t need our attention in that moment. The other thing is living in this world where everything is instant. You send a text, you expect someone to get back to you immediately, right?

Whereas before, when we used to use the phone and we would leave a person a message, we knew we’d hear back within 24 or 48 hours. Right? Now not only are we expecting the instant response, we’re expecting ourselves to give the instant response to everything.

So when we’re living a lifestyle where we’re always feeding, what is, the loudest ping, we never get to the things that we say are really important to us.

That’s why I have a lot of time management and organizational strategies that I use with my clients to keep their attention on the things that really move the needle.

Time for a mindset transformation…

Be very clear on your priorities, which have to align with your values.


To understand self-sabotage identity, how to make changes and the mindset transformation you need to make, listen to the whole episode here:



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