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Banish Burnout by Creating Less, But BETTER Content


A few weeks ago I came on this show with some big Instagram updates, especially for Reels. If you missed it, check out episode #174. I joked about how some of you might be feeling about all the changes; joked about deleting the app.

Well, guess what? Last week, I deleted the Instagram app off my phone. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, that because I’m an Instagram Coach, I surely have all my ish together, knowing the ins and outs, having great strategies, etc. While that might be true, but I TOO get frustrated and burnt out from all the pressures of showing up and constantly adjusting my methods to keep up with new changes and additions to the platform.

Lately, I had this uneasy feeling of, “I just don’t want to show up.” And thanks to two very supportive women in my life, they said, “Allison, you’re burnt out…take a break. Allow yourself breathing room. Allow yourself to process, journal and pivot a bit.”

So that is exactly what I’m doing… in this hustle culture, I’m taking a break, and I’m not apologizing for it or feeling guilty about it. I need it, and maybe you do to! Grant yourself permission to take some breaks now and then, even from social media. You need to! Your mind and soul crave it.

No worries, I’m coming back to Instagram soon because I love my community there, but in the meantime my head is down and doing the things I should be doing!

Tim Ferris said it best:

to be productive, you have to be busy doing the exact thing you should be doing at the time.

So the real question is, how do you banish burnout when it comes to social media?

I have the answer to that! I’m putting together a 3-day content workshop that focuses on creating less, but BETTER content. I bet you thought you’d never hear that…less content? Yes! It’s all about quality, and I’m going to help you do that in 3 days!


3-day content workshop, September 28-30, 2022, 12PM CST


If you are feeling disorganized when you try to plan out your content or feel lost when it comes to selecting the right feature or format or you have a serious content block, this workshop is for you.

On day one we’ll kick off with a comprehensive, hands-on training into your branding and messaging, because that has to be clear before we can even create content! Day two, we’ll unlock your content pillars, learn how to create your top of the funnel content and where to repurpose it for ease, and day three I’ll teach you how to use your Instagram Insights to discover what content is already working for you!

It’s time to save your sanity and time by creating less, but BETTER content.

And here’s the cool thing, presale is going on now! This 3-day event at the end of September is only $19. But hurry, that presale will end, and the price will jump.

If you’re ready to stop stressing about content, and let’s be honest, no more creating bullshit, filler content that nobody cares about… let’s go from efficiency (which is being busy doing stuff that isn’t contributing to your grand goal) to being effective (every piece of content you create moves you to your end goal.)

So do me a favor, sign up today for the workshop! I’ll see you soon.

And don’t forget, I can help you with all your Instagram needs. Connect with me on Instagram at or grab a few freebies or journals.


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