Tired Eyes No More / Bright Eye Complex

Hey tired and stressed mamas!! Are you sick of always looking tired? Are you done with the dark under-eye circles and puffiness? Well, I have the beauty fix for you! Did you know that your eyes are the first place to show signs of fatigue and stress? Yep! Total bummer, but there’s a fix! I […]

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Make Instagram Your Jam / Instagram 101 for your business

Make Instagram Your Jam: Instagram branding to attract more followers! These days, Instagram is just as popular as Facebook and Twitter and many are using Instagram for their businesses!  Who doesn’t like uploading awesome pics to share with the world.  We just love the double clicks and followers. In this post, I’m going to give […]

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Camera Phone Basics for your Business

I think in today’s “social media” world, many business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs are running their businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Snapchat.  So naturally, having great photos is vital to your business. Everyone has a phone, either with iOS or Android capabilities, and this is about all you need to capture great […]

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