The Ultimate Instagram Bio Guide

instagram bio

You only have about 3 seconds and 150 characters to grab your audience’s attention in your Instagram bio. So what exactly should be in your bio? Before we dive in today’s show, I’ll read the review of the week. This review comes from a socially Savvy VA and she titled it “I can’t wait to […]

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Do I Need A Logo

Do I Need A Logo? How many of you have a side hustle like an MLM and you work from your kitchen table? How many of you work your side business to just make some extra money or cover vacation trips? How many of you ladies don’t have a Web site? You might answer ‘Yes’ […]

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Five Steps to Identifying Your Target Audience

Five Steps Identifying Target Audience

Let’s be honest. Running a business and understanding social media is hard. And selling whatever you have and making profits is hard. I hear a lot of women say they want to attract anyone because they just want to make a sale. Does this sound like you? The problem with this is not everyone is […]

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