on the left, Elena Ciccotelli, a white female with long blonde hair, is sitting on a white, upholstered chair. Under this are the words buyer trigers, how to land your next client


Ever feel like getting that next client is like playing where’s Waldo? Sick of icky cold DM strategies for selling? My guest, Elena Ciccotelli, is here to teach us about buyer triggers.

Saying Elena knows about sales is like saying the Hulk is tall. Elena started her sales coaching business because she wanted to share what she’s learned during her career at Lyft, over 10 years of bootstrapping a 6 figure personal training company and her experience building a successful podcast from zero with other service-based solopreneurs.

Today, Elena is bringing all the juicy details on:

  • what makes selling feel icky
  • the four buying triggers
  • how the triggers fit in the buyers journey

Prefer Video? Here’s our conversation about buying triggers on video!


on the left, Elena Ciccotelli, a white female with long blonde hair, standing at a table. There are a cellphone and laptop on the table. On the right, Allison Scholes, a white female with long dark hair, sitting on an ornate couch holding a notebook on her lap and a pencil in her hand. the words How to Leverage Buyer Triggers to Land Your Next Client at the top of the graphic.

Of course, we had to look at how these triggers tie into the content your making. We even touched base on why you may not be getting the engagement you want on your social media, among other ways the buying triggers fit into your business. We chat about:

  • how micro-stories tie in to the triggers
  • why storytelling works
  • why edutaining content is necessary

About Elena

Elena is a sales coach based out of NJ who helps service-based solopreneurs sign new clients with solid systems and a pop of personality.

She’s the host of The Side Gig Central Podcast and has been featured on Forbes, Cheddar and NBC and recently won the prestigious Women in Retail award presented by CarGurus and Automotive Remarketing.

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Now hand out the juice boxes and tablets, it’s time to learn how you can use buyers triggers to get your next client!



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