I think in today’s “social media” world, many business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs are running their businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Snapchat.  So naturally, having great photos is vital to your business.

phone basics

Everyone has a phone, either with iOS or Android capabilities, and this is about all you need to capture great shots.  There’s no need for expensive, professional cameras. Don’t get me wrong, those who shoot with their DSLRs probably get beautiful pictures, but not everyone has the love for photography, or the budget!

So let’s set up your camera phone to take high-quality pictures for your business!

Your phone has some basic functions that will now be your new best friend.

SQUARE – you are probably used to shooting in landscape or portrait, but I suggest changing your setting to square.  For me, square is best because the shot is Instagram ready!  The only shots that I leave in landscape or portrait are nature/foliage shots that can be cropped later to my liking.  When you open your camera you can swipe to the right or left for the Square option.

GRID LINES – your phone camera has the option to have grid lines turned on. TURN THEM ON!  This is for making straight images.  I have an iPhone so go to Settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera, slide down to Grid and slide the option to on.  This option will help you take better pictures and keep your images straight.

AUTOFOCUS & FOCUS LOCK – now I recently learned this new trick and love it!  Hold your figure down for about 2-3 seconds on the screen, then you’ll see a yellow AE/AF lock banner appear. Now your subject is “locked in” and say good-bye to blurry action shot photos.

My Favorite Editing Apps

Now you have the shot, but you want to edit.  Maybe your subject has a blemish or your photo is a bit dark.  Here is a list of apps I personally use to edit my photos.

Photofy – this app is a layout app for photos.  I use their templates or simply add text or artwork to a photo.

Canva – another great layout app and probably my favorite. You can also create banners, ad posts, Facebook covers, logos or use their templates.

Facetune – this app is great for smoothing out facial features like blemishes and anything unflattering. It’s important to keep your photo authentic; don’t get carried away with this app and completely distort your image.  If it’s that bad, take a new photo! This app also has some great filters to apply to your photos.  I often use the NoFilter, Royal or Fringe filters.

Snapfeed – This app is great for brightness, shadows, contrast and saturation.  Careful with contrast controls because you don’t want your photo to have a fake, granulated look.

WordSwag – probably one of the “more fun” apps to use.  You can simply add text to your photo with some “swag”.  Highly recommend.  I use this app almost weekly.

When using any of these apps to edit your photos, just remember to keep your photos real and authentic.  If it starts to look fake, then people viewing your pictures will also think they are fake.

Keep it real, keep it simple!  Sometimes, the most authentic, real photos are the photos that impress.

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