Hey moms….

Are you running out of ideas to entertain your kids this summer? I know I am!

Sure, the movies, local pool or amusement parks are super fun, but this can get very expensive.  My kiddos are a bit older (9 and 12) so playing with toys are no longer.  All they want to do is play their ELECTRONICS!!! Nope! Not going to happen.

So I came up with a really great idea: cooking.

Yes, my boys are going to learn how to cook. I decided that once or twice a week, my boys will either cook dinner or a dessert for the family.  They are actually excited about this.

So the very first time I made it easy and fun….we cooked NACHOS!! I know, it’s not very healthy. No judging please! My oldest was in charge of chopping and my youngest cooked the meat (with my supervision!)

They are learning self-help skills, how to follow step-by-step directions and we’re just having fun together.

My boys did a great job!  Next, they’ve requested dessert and garlic bread!

I’m curious, what do you like to do with your kids over the summer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

For kid-friendly recipes and fun craft ideas, check out my Pinterest board.


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