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Creating Graphics for your Personal Brand

You have a passion. You have a purpose. You have a plan. But now you need beautiful graphics for your business/brand, right? You scour the internet for free stock images. You’re overloaded with emails offering a batch of photos for a price.

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to spend so much time online looking for stock photography or graphic designers. If you have a vision, a computer and smart phone, you can simply create beautiful graphics on your own in a short period of time.

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Follow these steps to create your own graphics for your brand:

  1. Determine your brand colors. I highly recommend you choose no more than 5 colors; 1 highlight color to be used sparingly, 2 colors that compliment your highlight color, and 2 neutral colors. If you need inspiration, check out, a color palette generator (this is where I developed my brand colors!)
  2. Choose your brand fonts. I would stick to three and possibly a highlight font (possibly used only in your logo if you have one.) You’ll need a font for your Header title, subtitle and text. I like to use to find great font combinations.
  3. Download Canva. Canva is a free online tool to create graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog and more. Definitely start this process on your computer first. There is an app for Canva, but setting up everything and batching on the computer is much easier and quicker. Canva is loaded with graphic templates, free photos, backgrounds and text overlays. Once you narrow down your design, you can format your design for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest and blog graphics. Now you can start batching a bunch of graphics for your biz.
  4. Create a Dropbox account. Go to and create an account. Why? I save all my graphics to dropbox, so I can easily transfer my graphics to my phone!
  5. Download the Canva and Dropbox apps. On your phone, go to the App Store and download Canva and Dropbox. Simply sign in to your accounts. Now you can download your graphics from dropbox and make changes to your graphics in Canva. Such a time saver and you’re ready to post on the go!

I hope these steps help you and take the stress out of designing your brand graphics. If you still want to invest in beautiful stock photos then check out Styled Stock Society; I’ve used their photos for my brand!

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