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Are you wondering if you should have passive income within your business income strategy? What about affiliate marketing?

It seems like everyone and their cousin is talking about passive income this and passive income that.

What the heck is passive income, anyway? Is it truly passive? Or is there work you have to do to set up?

Can it be set it and forget it?

Do you have to be like those slimy “Bro-marketers” to be successful?

No more wondering! My guest today, Jessica Stansberry, is all about helping burnt-out service providers and struggling newbie ‘preneurs ditch clients so they can make more money and have more freedom with passive income. We’re going to dive deep into all of this and more today.

If you’ve found yourself wondering:

  • Why is passive income something to consider adding to your business
  • Where do you even start as a newbie with it (HINT: Amazon is probably not the best first choice, momma)
  • How to pick the right products to be an affiliate of
  • Should you put the work in to make your own products

Get ready to learn the answers to all of that and more!


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If you’re looking to scale your income without putting in more hours, because we only have so many of those, this episode is going to be a gold mine of tips to get you started. Jessica gives amazing insights on where to start and ways to remember to promote your passive income products.

Jessica and I talk about:

  • Ways to promote those products to keep that income coming in
  • Why you should consider adding passive income methods to your business model
  • Which comes first: the active income like services or the affiliate marketing, products, and courses
  • Is there a better way than link stickers (swipe up) to promote passive products on Instagram

And Tons  More To Get You Started Building A Passive Model Into Your Business Plans


So grab some coffee, tea, or wine and something to take some notes. We’re ready to dive in!




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