How many of you struggle with Instagram post ideas?

instagram post ideas

I’m very excited to share my simple method to curate Instagram content.  You know I love Instagram. I always say it’s my jam.  Recently, I wrote a post here on my blog about how to curate and brand your Instagram grid…so you can build your business and attract your ideal tribe.  (If you haven’t read it yet, click here…trust me, it’s good!)

So you might be wondering HOW do I curate content for my Instagram posts? Well, I got ya covered!

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Curating Content

To stand out on Instagram, I think it’s important to think of your GRID, not just one picture at a time.  Your grid reflects your brand!  So when planning your grid, think of 9-12 tiles at a time. (Remember, your grid is all your picture tiles when you or someone clicks on your account.)  

To brand yourself on Instagram, it’s important to have about 8-12 categories/types of posts.  Not only should you post about your biz on Instagram, you need to post about YOU!  Instagram is all about RELATIONSHIPS!  Seems easy, but are you still stuck on what to post about?

Don’t worry! I did the hard part for you.  I created a visual/planner on how to curate content on Instagram.  This plan can be applied to just about any niche; so go ahead and print out the PDF attachment.  Here is your download: Instagram%20Grid%20post%20visual%20pdf%20size.pdf?dl=0

Apply these ideas to you and your business, then you can keep the plan the same, shuffle it up a bit, then rinse and repeat! I’m telling you…once you plan your Instagram grid, your tribe will follow.  

I hope you really enjoy this…let me know how you like it! Most importantly, show up on Instagram and be consistent.



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