Steps to Curating and Branding your Instagram Grid for your Business

Do you have an Instagram Branding Strategy?

Now that you know the basics of Instagram (if you don’t, click here) it’s time to tell your story and showcase your work.  You could start randomly uploading pictures here and there and writing some captions, but if you want Instagram to benefit your business, this is not the way to do it.

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Let’s chat about your grid.  Remember, your IG grid is the set of tiles that make up your Insta account when someone clicks on your handle (account name.) This is mine:

Branding on Instagram

As you can see, I have a nice color scheme/brand that matches my blog.  Your Instagram account should reflect your website/blog.  So here are the steps to branding your Instagram Grid.

Step 1. How often will you post to Instagram per month?

You’ll need to determine how many posts you’ll create for the month.  You might be wondering why, but it’s important in the next steps.  If you really want to build your business on Instagram, I suggest posting at least once per day (this includes the weekends and holidays.)

Step 2. Categorize your photos

You might be asking, “What? Why do I need to do that?”  Instagram is a great tool to connect with others and build your business.  Your grid should be inviting and NOT sales oriented or come across as spam.  Your grid should come across as a helpful tool to your audience.  I recommend that you choose anywhere between 8 to 12 categories.  For example, these are my photo categories: books, inspirational/motivational quotes, skincare, branding tips, coffee, inspirational photography, SAHM lifestyle (highlighting my kids and hubby), WAHM lifestyle, food and opt-ins. As you can see, all of these categories reflect my blog and my mission to helping women build their businesses on social media.  Take a look at my grid above; you’ll see some categories reflected throughout the photos.

Step 3. Plan your Grid

Oh yes! This is important. Each month, typically the first day of the month, I sit down with a printed blank month calendar (just google calendars and print one) and begin to fill in each day with my photo categories.  I spread them out evenly throughout the month. So typically each category is scheduled 2-3 times per month.

Instagram calendar

Step 4: Putting your Instagram branding strategy online

Think of Instagram as a story board.  You’re taking your audience on a journey, photo by photo, giving them valuable content and they continue to come back for more!  This is where subject matter, filters and color scheme come into play.   If you’re not sure how to start, think about your overall mission.  Use this as your criteria for your images. For example, my profile bio says this: Helping mompreneurs grow social platforms and brand themselves * Blogger w/ Instagram + #socialmedia tips * Coffee-obsessed * Global Skincare CEO. Again, take a look at my grid and my photos certainly reflect my mission.

Instagram grid

Personally, I need to see my photos together before I post to Instagram. I use two apps to plan my layout: VSCO and The Preview App. Both apps are great to pop in your photos because it looks just like your Instagram Grid. I use these apps every week.

To sum it up: categorize your photos, use the same filters, ensure that your colors work well in your grid and stick to your mission.  Follow these rules and you’re golden. Watch your Instagram game explode!

Check out my Instagram feed from over a year ago: YUCK! What a mess!

Instagram branding strategy

It was a HOT MESS! No branding, no categories, and no color scheme.

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