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Discover the benefits of syncing your cycle to your content

Have you ever wondered why some weeks you find yourself super productive and creative, and then there’s other weeks you don’t want to lift a finger and you can care less about your content creation process?


I’ve been there. Now, did you know your monthly cycle (yep, we’re talking about to your period) it affects your productivity, which directly affects how you show up online and how you’re showing up in your business?

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from women is either I don’t have time to create content, or I don’t know what kind of content to create. So let’s sync your cycle to your content creation process. That way you can be putting forth your best content without being so frustrated.


Syncing your cycle to your content. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • ideas and tasks to do each week of your cycle
  • which weeks give you the most energy
  • how to be gracious with yourself
  • how to break up the content creation process

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Week one of our cycles, which is when we start our period, we will have low energy.

This is the week where you should be relaxing. You should just be brain dumping all your ideas and journaling. This is the best week to map out all your content for the month. It’s a terrific opportunity for you just to sit back and review your insights in Instagram to see what is already working for you. This is the week you typically have lighter activity in your business and on social media. This is the week to be gracious with yourself.


Week two of our cycles, TAH DAH, we’re feeling good, right?

This is our strongest week. I like to call this your TAKE ACTION week. This is your best week to batch your content. This is when you’re feeling great. Film your videos, batch your reels. Be social on Instagram. Go live, be super active in your Instagram stories.

And you also want to be strategic here. This is when you want to plan your hardest and your most time consuming thing this week. Get it done this week. This is when you’re going to act on week one’s creative ideas.


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There are a couple things that can happen during week three.

It’s different for everyone, but normally your estrogen will start to decrease, which can leave us in a funky, depressed feeling.

Or it can still start out as your powerhouse week. But then we’re going to have that crash and burn feeling. Week three is probably the best week to take your social media breaks because you’re still feeling productive on the back end, but you just don’t want to be showing up, showing your face and being super interactive on social media.

Take your social media breaks on week three. This is a good week to collaborate in the Instagram DMs or to work on collaboration posts and reels. This is a momentous week to pitch yourself to be on podcast or batch your email campaigns or your blog posts.


Week four, there is a little spike in estrogen but, we are going to feel off or irritable!

This is what I call the maintenance week. This is when you’re going to wrap up all the content projects that you didn’t finish from week two.

If you want to be the content creation queen in your business and on social media, pay attention to your cycle and your body.

It’s probably not something that you’re doing wrong online or in your business, it’s just, you’re not paying attention to your body. Have those check-ins with yourself, recognize those emotions and know that it will pass.


Here’s a quick recap.

Week one, map out your content. Week two, batch and create your content. This is when you’re going to be most active on social media. Week three, take your social media breaks, but do a lot of behind the scenes productivity. And then week four, wrap up and finalize any content that you really didn’t get done on week two.

So let me know if you’re going to start paying attention to your body and your cycle and how it affects your content creation process.

And now that you know this process of syncing your cycle to your content, you can now apply it to your life and your business.


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