Let's jazz up your Instagram bio link! In this episode, you'll discover: the ONE thing to add to your bio link to stand out how and where to place it PLUS, what's coming to the Podcast show! See it in action here: www.instagram.com/allisonscholes


Do THIS in Your Instagram Bio That’s Guaranteed to Attract More People

Hey friend! Let’s talk Instagram today. Let’s attack your Instagram bio link and jazz that sucker up!

Most of us have a standard link that goes to our website, or maybe you use Link Tree to have a few links.

Here’s a tip!

Whether you have WordPress, Show It, Wix, Squarespace or something else to build your website, I highly recommend creating a hidden page to add custom links.

And what I mean by hidden, this page is NOT in any menu bar on your website. You only use the URL link for your Instagram bio link.

Why do this? Well, the design options are limitless, but the point is to have the page represent your brand. Use your brand colors and fonts for your buttons. Add a custom message or signature at the bottom.


How to add video to your Instagram Bio | new episode on the Social Media for Mompreneurs Podcast


BUT here’s the HOT tip! We know video dominates social media right now, so why not add a video message in your bio!

That’s right! Record a video on your phone welcoming visitors to your bio, tell them what you do, who you serve and the problem you solve. Then share what they’ll find in your bio! We’re talking 2-3 minutes top!

Upload this video to YouTube and mark it as “unlisted” so it can’t be found on YouTube.

Then embed this video on your hidden page you created on your website. Place the video right above your buttons.

I think this is such a cool idea to have video in your bio link, and I don’t see anyone doing this… so jump on this HOT tip and get ahead of the curve!

If you’re thinking, “this sounds like a lot of work,” I promise you it isn’t. And once your video is created, it’s evergreen in your bio and maybe from time to time you change up your buttons.

If you want to see this in action, head to my bio @allisonscholes, click the link and you’ll see a video in my bio. Watch it and go ahead and steal my script and make it your own!

And go ahead and DM me on Instagram if you need help with this! I’ll walk you through it in more detail if you need help.

So that’s my HOT Insta-tip for this week…

And as we head into Thanksgiving and the Christmas season… I just want to say how grateful I am for you. THANK YOU for listening and supporting my show, which is going to get a facelift in the New Year. That’s right… Social Media for Mompreneurs will be launching January 1 with a new name and new mission.

But don’t worry, I’ll still talk about social media… but get ready for content creation, business growth, and faith-led episodes!

It’s going to be amazing, and I hope you stick around for even more amazing content and guests.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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Ready To STAND OUT On Instagram? Time To Audit Your Bio!


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