Wondering how to prepare for your BIG UPCOMING LAUNCH? Get ready to prepare, warm up your audience and have a SUCCESSFUL online launch!

Doing THIS Will Prep Your Audience For That BIG UPCOMING LAUNCH

Spinning your wheels on your BIG UPCOMING LAUNCH? Wondering how to prepare for an online launch? Are you avoiding the whole process because you don’t know the things to do before launching a service?

Today, Christine Krogfoss, will teach you how to have a successful online launch. She goes into great detail on why we need to warm up our audience before a launch and her 3-step process before a launch.

Get ready to prepare, warm up your audience and have a SUCCESSFUL online launch!

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Wondering how to prepare for your BIG UPCOMING LAUNCH? Get ready to prepare, warm up your audience and have a SUCCESSFUL online launch!

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Full transcription:

Today’s episode is all about preparing you and your audience for your big upcoming launch. Have you ever launched a product or service? And it was an Epic fail. I know I have. I recently had a great conversation with Christine Krogfoss, the go-to business and mindset coach about launches. She goes into great detail on why we need to warm up our audience before a launch and her three step process. Before a launch, Christine worked for many years in sales, online marketing and business consulting with her expertise. She decided to coach and teach women entrepreneurs, how they can get the same independence and financial freedom. She got grab your coffee or wine, and let’s dive in.

Hello, Christine. Welcome to the show.

Hi, thank you so much for having me.

Oh, I’m excited to have you, and I’m excited to have you all the way from the Czech Republic. Super cool. But before we dive into our topic today, I know we’re going to be chatting about launching and warming up our audience, but before we get to that juicy stuff, please tell us a little bit about who you are and your business.

Oh yeah, absolutely. So, yeah, as I said, my name is Christine and I am a business coach and my sensitive desk and I help us save to start and grow their online businesses too. No, the point where they can leave the nine to five and take the passion’s full time. So so yeah, just a little bit about me and my background, I guess. So I am from Norway, born and raised and I had, you know, and this is, I can remember I’ve been shaming about going abroad and starting a new life that, and, you know, always known that I wanted to start my own business. And I just knew to the core that this was something I was meant to be doing, you know, but I just thought it would take many years before it could get to a stage where I would be able to run a full time and actually earn money from it, you know, on a consistent basis.

So, so yeah, kind of off to take my business degree, I finally made it to London, got a job, Dan corporate as a business consultant and had clients of my own. And it was only, you know, just from having my own clients that that’s going to, when I realized that I could do this, you know, that this was possible soon that I didn’t have to wait many to be able to leave my job. So that’s going to, when I set out to have women who sell tobacco as well, that they were meant for something more, that they were meant for something big, but didn’t know exactly how to do it. And it’s been challenging so much fun though. And wonderful. When I got my Fest, I didn’t, you know, I increased my prices and then I got another and it just kept them going like that until I was able to leave mine, I defined in London and I was able to move to Czech Republic with my partner and building a new life that my business full time, you know, and I was actually able to quit my nine to five within one month of having had my SAS clients signed up and I just feel so free, you know, working my passion.

And now I am in a position where I help other service based entrepreneurs do the same. And I just kind of love showing them how that can potentially reach that business goes so much faster than they originally thought possible. You know? And so that’s why I just love sharing this story.

Well, your story Christine is really inspiring. And I know I have a lot of my producers who are listening saying, yes, I want to step away from either the nine to five or really make their side gig, their dream business. And a part of making a dream business is launching either products or services. So today, yes, yes. We’re talking about how to warm up your audience before a launch, but what does warming up your audience actually mean?

Yeah. So that’s a good question. So warming up your audience basically needs to prepare them for investing in you. In other ways, you know, before you announce the services, you want to make sure that your audience is interested in what you have to offer and that they are more likely to actually invest once you announce it. You know, we very often hear about warm leads, right. Or even hot leads. So yeah. So the lingo wax, so that the woman, the audience, or the woman, the lead, the more likely they are to invest in you now, you know, they don’t have to wait.

And why do you think it’s really important to warm up your audience?

I believe it’s so important because if you want to convert as many people as possible and to pay to for clients, then warming up your audience is completely necessary. You know, overall, if you think of marketing as a numbers game, say you reach, you know, a hundred people with a message. If those hundred people with cold leads, AK, they don’t know you or anything about your offset, then it’s just so much less likely that they will ever convert. But if you reach a hundred hot leads with your message, more of these people are likely to convert. And I actually recently found a study that showed that overall eight, 14.6% close rate compared to just 1.7%, the cold leads. Yeah. No. And that’s, that’s simply because need to already about to prospect.

That’s so interesting.

Yeah. It’s really interesting. It’s a huge difference. And so your conversion rates will basically increase if you remember this important step in a warming up your audience, as it’s also important, because they can actually make people who were never interested in your offer in the first place to not only be interested, but actually buy from you. And what I think a lot of people don’t always realize is that everyone they hear online that has something to sell, they all warming up their audience. It might be very well hidden, but it’s

Always that, you know, right. So I’m sure a lot of the listeners are thinking, okay, I know it’s super important to warm up my audience. So I have kind of a two part, two part question here. The first part is what is the first thing to do in order to warm up their audience? Like number one out of the Gates, what’s the first thing they do?

Oh, well, if it’s like number one thing I would say it is to prepare, like to have a step zero, you know, kind of have to have to mention that because we need to make sure that you have built certain connections with your audience already, because otherwise you don’t really have an audience to sell to. So you need to make sure that they both know of you, that they like you and they trust you because you know, if you want to invest in someone, you need to know them and like them, right. And you need to trust them. So by working on what content you put out and how often you do it, you will ensure that your ideal clients who are both like and trust you as well, but you also need to make it easy for people to understand what you’re all about.

You know, you need to be clear on who you are, who you help and what you help them with. And so that when people see you online for the first time, they need to understand what your business is all about, you know, straight up a gate. So if you have this in place, this is kind of like your marketing foundation, if you will. So this is like the very fast thing that they have to do, but in terms of warming up their audience, then the first step is step into your audience that you have something, you know, cool coming up. Yeah. It’s very important because you’d be so surprised how much of a difference that can make people be a lot more alert about you and what you’ll be talking about. And they’ll definitely keep your eyes open, meaningful ways, you know, even if they aren’t necessarily interested in investing in you to begin with,

Oh, teasing is a big one. Okay. So here’s the second part of my question. Can you talk us through the process of what you should do in order to warm up your audience towards a lunch?

Absolutely. So this is where the fun starts, right? Yeah. So as I said earlier, you know, teasing is that number one. So let people know that you have something amazing coming out and tell them to stay tuned. Now, once you’ve spent some time teasing, you need to start giving out content that is related to what your offer will include. So, so I’ll give you an example here. So say you’re a health coach, right? And you help them women to Lisa weight, for instance, then create many trainings on how to balance your hormones, to make it easier to lose weight or share the workouts or make you burn fat quicker. Right. so it is something related to your main offset that you haven’t told them about yet, but they get more information out and they see that they get help from you about this topic, that you are the expert on this topic.

And then you also want to have a think about, you know, which objections your audience might have to be investing in a program once they know what today is. So when you announced your offset, you share content not only valuable content related to your program, but also content that is working on overcoming these obstacles. So say for instance, you’re offering a program where there’s a high ticket price, say $2,000. And then perhaps someone would say that they don’t have enough money. So your program right now. So then perhaps you can have a post talking about how health is more important than money, or, you know, how you always need to put your health first. You know, just a couple of examples because this really makes your audience feel like you speak to them. Do you want to stand them? Which makes them, you know, trust you even more like we talked about with the know, like, and trust factor.

And so after you had announced what it is, the last step is to create a sense of agency. So you need to make them feel like they neat investing you now, or very soon. And you can do this in a number of ways. Some examples would be, you know, to have an early bird pricing that will expire within a few days or, you know, you can give them a bonus if they sign up before a certain date. So, so yeah, so that’s, you know, overall that’s the entire process. You have been teasing them, you have been giving relevant value, you have overcome some of their obstacles toward, or objections against investing in you. You have announced your affair and then you have created a sense of urgency. So they will invest in you as soon as possible. And if you’re following this process, if you’re following this equation so many more people are more likely to convert into painful clients.

Now, is there like a timeline you feel that they should stay in each phase or does it really just depend on what your client is launching?

So, yeah. So this is a great question. So this is all down to, you know, what the size of your offerings or your new offer is, whatever it is that you’re launching for. Right? So before you even think about warming up your audience, you need to think about when you want to launch, as in, you know, when do you want to open up the doors to your new program, you need to set a day for that. And then you also need to understand, you know, okay, so how big it’s offer that I have. So say you will be launching a mini course for $300. Then maybe you just need one to two weeks of going through the warming up your audience process that I talked about. Maybe that will be enough, you know, because if it’s as low as $300 people very often this interests in a way, you know, they, they will be like, Oh no, this is, you know, why would we wait so long for this opportunity?

But say you have a higher ticket off there that lasts for three months or more. Then you can easily give yourselves, you know, two weeks to tease for instance, two weeks to give relevant value through your content and, you know, overcome obstacles and two weeks off your announcement for, you know, just promoting overcoming obstacles, as I said, and creating that urgency. But of course it also depends on yeah, but it also depends on what works for you, you know, which are the commitments do you have in your life at that time, et cetera, because a launch takes a lot of energy. I’m sure you can do that as well. Yeah, no I, to know opinion on something.

Cause I know out there a lot of coaches they, everyone has their own opinion and I’m just curious on your opinion on the third step of a launch when creating urgency, some coaches will say always have your doors open to your membership or your course or whatever you’re launching, but some others will say shut your doors and only give them a certain amount of time to invest with you. What’s your opinion on that?

That depends on how new you are to the game. In my opinion, no, say that you are a new entrepreneur and you’ve never done this before. You don’t know what works. You don’t know what doesn’t right. Then I would definitely recommend having a one time, you know, I had my doors open for these two weeks and then that’s it. And then it will close off there. Right? Because then you get a lot of experience from that. You get to see what works and what doesn’t from having these clients. And then when you have that experience, well then able to build a more evergreen program. And so overall I’m definitely in favor of having an evergreen program. So you don’t have to, you know, do launches all the time or you know, that it’s a lot easier for you to, you know, per Stevo energy basically for the program, right? Like overall I think for most satisfies entrepreneurs, it’s it will definitely be the easiest to have an evergreen group program or any program really that’s evergreen. But if you are new to the game and you don’t know what works yet, then I would recommend starting out with just a one off to see how it goes.

Oh, that is really good advice. So let me ask you this. When it comes to a successful launch, what is something you, you would have known sooner?

Oh seriously. It’s how important confidence is in all of this. It’s I may say like, if you are insecure or not just, you know, very excited about what you offer, this will be so clear in your energy. It will come across so easily, which will not have a positive impact on your lawn at all. So it’s like, if you want to increase your chances of signing up clients, then you know, tap into your confidence, the confidence that knows that your clients will have such a better life. If they sign up to your services, it’s like, you need to know with yourself that your services are truly helping your clients. And this confidence, I believe cannot be fake. It’s just something that takes a lot of mindset work, but it is so effective and it is so necessary. So yeah, definitely confidence.

And I couldn’t agree more with you because I’m sure there are so many mompreneurs out there that want to quickly launch a product or services because they want to make money. They want to get to that point. But if you are not 100% behind it or truly believe in it, in the end, it’s just going to flop. So you’re better off not launching that and fine tune it and make sure you love it and know that it truly works before. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I’m so with you on that one. Well, this was awesome information, Christine. So before we end today, I want you to tell us where we can connect with you on social media.

Yeah, definitely. So I’ve recently come out with a new program, the boss make-over, and this is a blend between a group coaching program and a one to one coaching program, but for a bit of a lower price point. So if you’re currently looking to take your business to the next level and attract more high ticket clients with ease, or if you are completely new to the game and want to run your business full time, as soon as possible, then I would say this program is perfect for you. So if this is you definitely check out my Instagram, which is at first, and you can also find me on Facebook that is coaching, and you can also join us in our Facebook group, which is called boss space aligned with success, which is perfect for new business babes who need some extra support in building their business.

This is awesome. And I will make sure that all of your information is in the show notes. So Christine, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Oh, thank you so much. It was my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.





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