faded graphic with a photo of a woman (Allison Scholes) looking at her phone at the kitchen table. Text reads: The boss lady in sweatpants show, Easy Spring Content Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Easy Spring Content Ideas You Can Use Right Now

I’m popping into your world with easy spring content ideas you can use right now for your business!


FIRST, always start with your long-form content, whether it’s a Blog, Podcast or Video (most likely your YouTube channel.)
Next, here are 2 content ideas that you can create for your business:
🤡 Don’t be fooled by (topic.) Share a common myth in your niche and explain why you don’t agree with it. For example, I can easily talk about LESS social media WILL NOT hurt your business!
Hook/Headline/Subject Line: The Most Common (Topic/Niche) Advice Is Wrong And Why It Needs To Stop
🧹 It’s time to spring clean your (topic.) What tips do you have in your niche that would help your audience achieve something quickly? Give your audience a quick win! For example, I could give tips on how to spring clean your content pillars.
Hook/Headline/Subject Line: My version of spring cleaning (topic)…
You now have 2 content ideas, and be sure to repurpose this content in your email campaigns, social media posts and Pinterest!
Want more content ideas that not only gives you the prompts, but also gives you social media prompts, Canva graphic templates, a workbook, and a video tutorial?
mockup ipad graphic with artwork for the 12-month content guide by Allison Scholes, www.bossladyinsweatpants.com
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? A full year’s worth of content in one spot!
All of my secrets for planning and creating content in less time are waiting for you inside this 92-page downloadable PDF guide.
It’s finally time you simplify your content creation strategy!
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