1Blog Header Graphic Entrepreneur Success: The Truth About Getting Visible, Imposter Syndrome, and More for episode 129 of the Social Media for Mompreneurs podcast which is an duo interview of host Allison Scholes and guest Robyn Graham



I’m so excited for you to listen to today’s episode. Not only is today my birthday( so if you want to make my day and send me a message, go right ahead) but today’s interview is very different from my traditional shows.  Not only do we get real about entrepreneur success, we do it in a format I don’t think I’ve ever heard anywhere else.

This is a hot seat, double interview. I don\t know if that’s a thing. but it is now!

My good friend and brand strategist, Robyn Graham agreed to come on the show and ask me some triggering juicy questions. In turn, I’m going to ask her my best questions, too. And here’s the thing.

We have no idea what the questions are. Is Robin going to ask me about Instagram or about running a business or about my obsession with Loki? Who knows?

The whole point of this format is to show you that entrepreneurship is super vulnerable and messy and hard with so many ups and downs. We get into branding, communication, pivotal moments in our businesses, comparisonitis and we also have some fun talking about our dreams.

This episode is a must-listen if you:

  • enjoy hearing real-life truths about being an entrepreneur
  • are curious if Allison and Robyn agree on what success actually is
  • wonder if imposter syndrome goes away
  • want to know who Allison’s top dream interview guest would be
  • enjoy a great conversation with lots of laughs



We definitely mentioned some of our favorite entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett and Cathy Heller. And you know, Tom Hiddleston is mentioned as well. So sit back, relax, and listen to a real authentic chat about entrepreneurship, social media, podcasting, and everything else in between.


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Okay, now it’s time to jump into this duo interview. Grab a beverage and hit play, I know you’re going to love this look into entrepreneurship and success.

Full Transcript Below!

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