The Ultimate Instagram Stories Strategy Guide

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Everything you need to know about Instagram Stories and how to use them for your business.

Instagram is the happening platform these days, and yes, while we love the likes, I’m afraid to say this shouldn’t be your focus for running your business on the gram.

IG Stories is the #1 place to hang out and use to be seen, gain followers and ultimately grow your business.

So how do you get better at using Stories? Be strategic!

how to plan and curate instagram posts

  1. Have regular intervals of stories throughout the day. I suggest having at minimum three 15 second stories and up to five.
  2. Mix your stories. Your stories shouldn’t be just about your business. A good mix of personal and business makes you more likable and real.
  3. Make your stories interactive. Use polls, ask questions, add fun stickers/GIFs or add music.
  4. Use relevant hashtags in your stories (up to 5).
  5. Caption it. Assume people are not listening to your story. This may seem odd, but a lot of people watch stories muted, so caption it with the Clipomatic app. There are other apps as well; this is just the one I use.


So now you know you should be using Stories throughout the day, but what should you post or talk about? Here are some post ideas to use in your Stories:

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Stories

  1. Behind-the-scenes
  2. Tutorial
  3. Educational
  4. Picture/text
  5. Get Personal
  6. Inspirational/Motivational
  7. Entertain


Just remember, your goal in using Stories is to take your audience on a journey; whether it’s something personal, something you’re working on, or you just want to be inspiring. Be true to yourself; be authentic. This is how you grow your tribe using IG Stories.

Download your Ultimate Instagram Stories Strategy Guide here.

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