Why should you use Eye Cream?

Besides the fact that your eyes are the first place to visibly show aging, there are many reasons to use an eye cream!

Sleep deprivation, pollution, the sun’s rays, putting in contact lenses and taking off makeup, even smiling, frowning or just blinking – everything seems to take a toll on our fragile eye area. Start using one before you need one, that means around the age of 20. Yes, 20!

Now there are many eye creams on the market, so which one is best?

For me, I personally only use Rodan and Fields eye cream!

Why use Rodan and Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream?

This product is very nourishing. It utilizes powerful peptides and optical filters to help reflect light. It helps to visibly reduce dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness and it brightens the eye area! This product really is amazing!  Here’s the best part. Rodan and Fields offers a 60-day, money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied send it back for a full refund.

This eye cream was the very first product I tried and why I’m sticking with Rodan + Fields! For easy shopping, here is a direct link to get your hands on this amazing product.

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Full disclosure: I’m an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields.  My reviews and ideas are solely mine and in no way reflect, nor come from, the reviews and ideas of the Rodan + Fields Company.

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