I want you to get super excited because my guest today is not only going to shed some light on finding your niche and getting your booty on video, but she's going to inspire you to take massive action. Krista Mashore is a digital queen. She has four best-selling books and she took her business from $0 to over eight figures in just 35 months. So incredible. If you're afraid of video, don't be, Krista has some great advice.

Welcome back sister. I want you to get super excited because my guest today is not only going to shed some light on finding your niche and getting your booty on video, but she’s going to inspire you to take massive action.

Krista Mashore is a digital queen. She has four best-selling books and she took her business from $0 to over eight figures in just 35 months. So incredible. If you’re afraid of video, don’t be, Krista has some great advice.

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I hope you are fired up for today’s show because Krista is here, who was the host of the fired-up podcast today? We’re going to chat about not just one topic, but two that are sure to be extremely important to your business this year. So let’s get to the juicy stuff.

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I want you to get super excited because my guest today is not only going to shed some light on finding your niche and getting your booty on video, but she's going to inspire you to take massive action. Krista Mashore is a digital queen. She has four best-selling books and she took her business from $0 to over eight figures in just 35 months. So incredible. If you're afraid of video, don't be, Krista has some great advice.

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Full transcription:

I hope you are fired up for today’s show because Krista is here, who was the host of the fired-up podcast today? We’re going to chat about not just one topic, but two that are sure to be extremely important to your business this year. So let’s get to the juicy stuff.

Hi Krista, how are ya?

Thanks for having me. Alison, I’m super excited to have you. I love being on here. You were on my podcast and everybody just loved you to death.

Oh, thank you. I love hearing that feedback. Okay. So we’ll admit 2020 was really a kick in the pants, right? I think that’s how that’s like the nice way to put it. It was a kick in the pants. So I think 20, 21, when it comes to entrepreneurs, everyone wants to stand out. And I think our topics today are critical components. That’s finding your niche and video. So let’s tackle finding your niche first. So this is kind of like a two-part question. Why do you think it’s important to zone in, on your niche? And then how should someone find their niche? Because I know that we have a lot of multi-passionate mamas listening, me being one of them. So what is your advice on just getting to the nitty-gritty of getting to that niche?

Okay. So, um, I

Think that first of all, you should figure out finding your niche. We’ll, we’ll start with that. So finding your niece is important and how you can do that is thinking about things that you absolutely love to do, right? Like what are you really, really good at? What excites you? How have you maybe helped somebody, um, have you gone through something that, you know, that you really found a way to go through it and, and end up being okay, maybe you even went through a divorce, right. And you were able to divorce and do it without killing each other and you’re you keep the kids happy. So the kids went through a divorce and they’re, you know, they, they got through it. Okay. And they didn’t really seem to be affected. I mean, there’s just so many things that you can do. So you’ve got a lot of moms out there.

I’m not sure if they already know what they were there with their, who, their target audiences and with reading going to do with their life. Right. Um, like I say, like, if you don’t know what you want to do, think about something you’re really passionate about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’re good at, because if you’re good at something, but you’re not passionate about it, it doesn’t really help, you know? Um, but if you can find something that you’ve experienced, that you, you know, that really, really made an impact in your life or something that you’ve gone through, that you, that most people would have a really difficult time with and you were able to go through it better. That could be a really great niche to do. Um, I think anything is so, so important. And I’ll give you an example of just how right now.

So I am a real estate agent. I’m a real estate broker, but I have been coaching real estate agents for the past three years. So I know no longer I’m really a real estate agent. I’m more of just a coach, but I still have my real estate license. And I still practice real estate kind of as the face of the company, but I don’t actually do the everyday dealings in it because my team doesn’t my systems do it. And I want to make sure I’m still selling because I’m coaching real estate agents. Well, we’ve been able to teach agents by utilizing video and social media and properly distributing that content to really start dominating their profession. This strategy works for anybody. So like any profession, any industry coaches, consultants, like this strategy will work for anybody. And so I thought, Oh my gosh, cause I keep hearing from everyone, you should, Krista, you should start teaching this more often.

Like so many people could benefit from this. You should, you know, like any professional, this would work so well for, you’ve got to start coaching other people. So I was like, I know will work. I’ve actually taught people that sell. T-shirts had to make $18,000 a month selling t-shirts online. Right. So if you can teach somebody using the strategy, how to sell, t-shirts imagine how well it would work for any other professional or coach or consultant. So I wrote a book called the ultimate lead gen playbook. And we started, we started, um, doing the exact same strategy that, that in coaching brought me from zero to eight figures in less than in like 35, 36 months, right. 35 months. So we started using the same strategy that, that helped us, um, do get, do that. And we were, we were wonderful, but when I took this strategy, right, and I started doing this the same way, I did it to real estate agents to professionals or consultants, I wasn’t, it wasn’t working.

I had this amazing book, you know, the ultimate Legion playbook that taught you how to do everything, but it didn’t just speak to one person. Right. So in other words, when I created my ads, I couldn’t say, Hey, are you an attorney and insurance? They did a doctor, a dentist, a mortgage broker, a realtor, like it doesn’t work. Right. And so what I found was is that, Oh my gosh, I spent this whole year writing this book. And now I’m, you know, like I’ll, I’ll create a training for like an accelerator or a challenge or something. And 99 of the people out of a hundred were showing up and they were realtors. So only one out of a hundred would be those other people. And that was because the realtors, when I run my ads, I was speaking directly to them. And so I was the solution to their specific problems.

Right. And in order for me to, in order for you to be a solution, you’ve got to be solving a problem. But when I was doing my ads to, you know, everyone, I wasn’t speaking to anyone, so they weren’t converting. And so finally I realized I’m like, you know what, even though we can help any professional or consultant or business and do this, we’re just going to go back to two, um, serving real estate agents where as far as our ads go right, as far as our ads go. And so now we, we tell our students safe on her first as we, it was great. But even then it becomes hard. Let me explain why. So in our coaching programs, we, um, we literally give people what they need to have a business in a box for real estate agents. Right? So, and like we just had, we just had a, um, a three-day event and we generated just, just under a million dollars from a three-day event, we had about 188 people there.

And it was all through zoom just like this. But we, we taught these, these agents, like we gave them everything that they would need to literally go out and start a business in a box. But if I was to do that same three-day event and I, I w I wouldn’t be able to give them everything they need. Right. So in other words, we give them like their marketing plan and we help them that they can be a co-author in a book with me, and we give them their workflows and their action plans, and we give them their scripts and we give them their monthly campaign to do it’s all specific to real estate. I can’t do that for a doctor if I have 10 different client avatars, right. 10 different niches. So it just kind of hit me, like I’ve been teaching how important niches forever.

And we, you know, we did it and I was trying to break into the market and I realized, gosh, Krista, and I totally practiced what I preach, but I thought I like it break out in other areas, but it just was not working because when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Right. Right. So I always kind of use an example. He says, I’m older than your, the, the, the moms that you have on here, I’m a little bit older. I’m 49. And unfortunately I’m going through menopause. Right. So, you know, you get these horrible night sweats and, you know, you, you can’t sleep in your hot flashes. And so, and by the way, I was probably like many women listening that I never thought it was going to happen to me. I’m not going to get hot flashes and night. Yeah. So if I see something on Facebook and it’s like, do you have hot flashes and night sweats? And I’m like, yeah,

Somebody got, that is me. I clicking download because

I have that problem right now. But if I see something that’s like hair club for men, you know, I have extensions. I don’t need that. Right. I’m not listening. So is how powerful, um, niching is so that your messaging can speak specifically to the problems, the desires, the wants to the person that you’re going after. And the more that you can do that, the more money you’ll make, even if you attract a smaller audience. So for example, when I only had, you know, 188 people at that event, right, we did like $855,000. If I would’ve had 200 people in that event. And I wasn’t super, super specific and niching to the, to everything that I know real estate agent needs, I probably would have only sold a hundred thousand $200,000. Right. It was because the whole thing was geared upon how do I make this person’s life better? What do they need to truly succeed? And how do I make sure that I give them all of that? Like I wanted it, like, you show, show them all of that in the event and how I use it and how it helps me. So that they’re like, my gosh, like, I don’t have any of those specific things. I need all those specific things. That is why niching is just so, so powerful

To summarize. I want to make sure I get this right. Cause that was awesome information. So you need to get really specific to talk to one person to one area and solve one problem. That’s how you niche.

Well, it’s not, it’s not necessarily the one problem. Right? So you just, as long as you really know who your, your, your co your, what, what issues are they having? Like what keeps them up at night. Okay. And it might just not be one thing. It might be one thing with other things, you know, into it. Right. So really, really understanding like who they are living in the day in the life of them and understand like what their needs are and desires are and wants are, and then developing your messaging and your programs and your stuff around that. That is absolutely how you will just crush it, you know? And I was thinking, Oh, I want to reach more people. And I want to be able to get myself out there more than I can do. I can help everyone. Right. But it really doesn’t work that way because I can’t define my product or my service to best support everyone, but I absolutely can to support one type of person.

Okay. That makes total sense. Because for example, um, I’m always helping mompreneurs grow on Instagram, but I’m not just going to put out there. I can help you grow on Instagram. I go more niche. I help mompreneurs leverage Instagram so they can save time and get back to the things that really matter in their life. They’re fat. Yes. Yeah. That’s who I’m hitting. Okay, cool. I love that. Okay. Now let’s turn the tables a bit and talk about video. Video is just a buzz word. And you either you love video or you’re just absolutely terrified of video. That’s what I run into with mompreneurs. Everyone’s like that. So why do you believe in the power of video?

Okay. So, so we want to convert our leads, right? We want to convert. Okay. So the conversion rate, if you were to buy a lead from somebody is less than 2%. So if you take and also mean an email open rates are like 14, 15%, right. Very right. Very, very low. So this is a really, really great content. First of all, no one likes doing video. Okay. If you, if you say like doing video, you’re weird. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, I want to go on camera. Like, we just don’t want to do that because it’s just like, no, I, I look fat or my hair is messed up. Or my, you know, my kids are in the background. I have makeup on, I haven’t even showered in three days because I got 27 kids running around. Like, are you kidding me?

My hair’s greasy. I don’t want to do video. That’s why I do podcasting. Nobody wants to do video. Let’s just put it out there. But I will tell you it’s the fastest way to be able to convert people. And here is why. So when I, so you can do as an instrument, I’m sure you, I’m sure you teach this right. So I use Facebook. So if I can create a video on Facebook, first of all, the conversion rates for video compared to anything else, like text or anything, the conversion rates are like 800% more qualified leads. You get 600 times, 60 times more watch time. I mean, I can go on for an hour about how video content convert so much better than text alone, but podcasts. And these actually get that part, right? Because people are getting to know you, they’re living a life in the day of, they’re kind of getting to see your personality.

So basically, you know, you’re a Sharon. One of my mentors says you win before you arrive. Like you’re already winning before they ever get to you. Half the battle is already done because you know, if somebody is reaching out to you and they’re watching your video content, that they’ve already kind of decided they want to work with you. So you’ve already won before you arrive, right. When, before you arrived. And then once you get them in front of you, if you’re able to then take that and really, really give them this awesome process and fulfill upon why they came there in the first place, you’re like, it’s in the bag, right? So when you create use video content, video positions, you as the, as an authority, it, um, offers value. It gets, it breaks down. People’s barriers. It may think that they know you. And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard somebody say, I feel like I know you Krista.

Like in there, I go to one point they’re hugging me. I’m like, Oh, I’ve never met you before. But they think that they know me. And there’s, there’s actually a study of it’s called the Para social relationship, which says that when people watch you on the other side of a screen, whether it be a video on your phone or on Instagram or on, on Facebook, they start to develop a relationship with you. They start to kind of feel like they know you and your family, and they’re excited to see you. And that’s, that’s called the Para social relationship. It’s a one sided relationship, just like we cry for our favorite character. And we shear for our favorite character on TV and we get, so we can’t wait to watch it again. That’s what happens with people. And reality television shows are the number one most watched show of anything else is reality TV.

I hate those reality TV shows, but anyways, I’m like weird in a person, but so, so you start developing relationships. So now let’s think let’s, let’s even take it one step further. So let’s just say I, I create content. And I could tell that Alison is watching 80% of a video that I produce on mompreneurs and instance and Snapchat or Instagram. Okay. I’m like, wow, Allison’s watching a video that I’m producing on rejecting mompreneurs. I’m going to send Alison another video. Okay. So then I sent her another one. I can see that they watch 80 to a hundred percent of that. And I sent him another one, right. Then I say, okay, great. Now download this free thing. I’m going to get, get your, get your, uh, you know, I’m going to get your information by you filling out your information on a lead magnet.

But if I started with the lead magnet, the ad and the chances of them actually clicking are going to be low. The longer you can bring somebody down your video formula. So meaning they watch you more, those leads convert more strongly and they stay with you longer. Okay. So for example, my open rate for my market updates is 48% on average because I spent the time with giving them content and like really, really sort of bringing them into my world and getting close to them. So now I’m more likely to convert them once they actually give me that they’re more likely to say yes to it, right? Yeah. I know you, I’m going to download that lead magnet now. And then once I bring them in as a customer, they’re more likely to stick. Does that make sense?

It totally makes sense. And I preach that all the time on Instagram. You, you got to show your face, you got to show up on video. Even if it’s in your Instagram stories, it’s only up for, you know, 24 hours have your face. And there’s something to that I’ve been testing. And the conversion rate is a lot higher is you can actually share your freebies or your landing pages and your Instagram stories. But what I have found that works is when I introduce it and talk about it, showing my face and using my voice. And then at the end, there’s a static picture. And with the question box, drop your email. If you want it, I get way more emails that way. Then just having text slides. And then the question box asks him, asking for the email. So there is power in video for sure.

I know I have seen an increase in my conversion rates when I use video, especially in my Facebook groups going live, going live on Instagram. And even my reels, the reach is so much higher than a static post. I can take that same static, post message, flip it and put it in a video. And that one will always have more engagement and more reach. Now, my last question for you, Krista, is I know people, they know the power of video, like people are smart. So what is your best advice when people are just so stuck are just terrified and they just can’t hit the record button.

I think that’s actually most people, right? So first of all, you have a support system. So, you know, there’s a study called the change or die study. And what that study is that they took people that were having some kind of health condition, a health element. And the doctor said, Hey, if you don’t change your behavior, you’re going to die. Like literally die. After a year, nine out of 10 people went back to the same behavior. So within that with the year later, they tested them nine out of 10. When I went back to doing what they needed to stop doing or not to die, another group of people had coaching, accountability and support. Okay. 77% of those people after you made the change. So I think number one, you need a support system. It really, really helps. Right? I didn’t know you. I know you coach mompreneurs on that and you just have to start like, it’s, it’s like, you know, one thing I teach people to do, and this is so it works so well.

Like I have proven that if real estate agents do this once a once a day for 10, like 10, 10 video text messages a day after a year, we’ll add up to 12 new contracts like guaranteed. It’s really double that we’ve done challenges and we’ve had thousands of agents. And the average person picks up two new clients in a 30 day timeframe from just doing a video, text messaging strategy, where it’s like, you just go on your Facebook page. You find somebody, you look up, you know, their kid graduated from high school and you pick up your phone and you go, hi, I see that. You just did this great podcast with Krista. Oh my gosh. I loved it. It was so good, man. She’s pretty cute. I liked that girl. Anyways. Just wanted to say hi to you and let you know, I was thinking about you and have a great day.

Okay. So if you start by just doing 10 video, text messages, to friends, friends of friends, people on your Instagram feed, that’s a good way to start getting comfortable with it. And then just, just do it. I mean, that’s how you look. That’s how you sound. You don’t have to be perfect. People hate perfect. They really don’t like perfect and just know that some people are going to be mean, but it’s the fastest way to make the most amount of money. So with both of my real estate business and my coaching business, I utilize a video strategy where I get, I just give free information and content. And just by doing that, like, I, I target people without having them do anything. I don’t want to get three letters. I just give them information so that they’re seeing me over and over and over again.

And that’s, what’s converted to million dollar multimillion dollar companies from that strategy, because then they’re more likely to kind of get into my funnels, get into my, my stuff because they see me and they’re developing a relationship with me. So just start, like, if you hate money, then don’t do it. But if you like make money and you want to make an impact and really serve the people that you are, it’s just a matter of, of getting over it. And I also recommended them when something else doing it, like first thing in the morning, like get up and take a shower. Right? Like part of the reason why we don’t do is we don’t like the way that we look. So we’ve got to get on routines. So get up every day, just promise yourself that no matter what, you’re gonna take a shower by a certain time, once the kids are napping or after you feed them breakfast or whatever it might be, and then just get dressed and then do your first video, like get it done. Right. And then once it’s done, it’s like, it’s done. Then you kind of feel like, Oh my gosh, you feel like you’ve succeeded, success breeds success. And then it’s going to be easier for you to do the next one. So just start with taking a shower and getting dressed. You don’t feel like you look like crap on the video and then do it in the morning and get it over with. And that will start to help you do more.

I love that advice. And I think people need to understand too, that we, like I said earlier, we’re smart people. And I think we’re moving away from idolizing. These so-called celebrity influencers on Facebook or Instagram and people are now connecting with every day influencers like you and I, and because we mirror their own life experiences. And I think that’s what people need to understand when you’re on video, it’s not about having the perfect backdrop or looking, you know, perfect. And having the perfect script because that’s not real life. We don’t operate like that. So people are going to be more inclined to watch your videos if it’s just coming from you and you’re just providing that value and you’re trying to make an impact. And if you stumble over your words, who cares, right.

I just yell it. Actually, people don’t, they don’t care. They actually like it. I mean, some of the best videos that I’ve done, like one time I was in a hotel room and I was doing a Facebook live and I wanted to put my hair up. Like I didn’t have it. So I grabbed my underwear that was on the ground, like dirty, right. Use it to put my hair up in the hair time. People were like, Oh my God, did you just use your underwear to get your hair? But I was like, yeah, the carers, they were like, we love you. Like, it’s real because we all know, like we would do that. Right? Like, we’re here, you can’t find a hair tie. It’s like, Oh, there’s my kids that earliest just use that to put my hair, let me use my g-string right. I mean, who cares?

And people were just like, man, that’s the kind of thing I would do. Right. Right. Exactly. Yes. People like you to be real. And um, I think it’s very, very important. I think too, it’s all about relate-ability you’re only going to get those leads, who people, if they relate to you, I’m not going to relate to someone who is picture perfect all the time and you know, that false sense of what is it, the laptop life or the beach life, like who really opens up their computer laptop on a beach. You can’t even see the screen. Like I think that’s just such a false reality. Like that doesn’t happen. Yeah, absolutely. Totally agree. Absolutely. I’ll do it at the pool though. Under, yeah. Under an umbrella, then you can see it so well, Krista, thanks so much for being on our show.


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