Five Steps Identifying Target Audience

Let’s be honest. Running a business and understanding social media is hard. And selling whatever you have and making profits is hard. I hear a lot of women say they want to attract anyone because they just want to make a sale.

Does this sound like you?

The problem with this is not everyone is right for you and what you offer. This is episode four; five steps to identifying your target audience.

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Right now you might be thinking, but Allison everyone can benefit from my health products. Maybe so, but what happens is if we try to reach everyone rather than narrowing our focus to our true ideal client, our brand message gets deluded. It becomes generic making it even less likely for those ideal clients to find you or even connect with you. Do you want to be generic?

When your brand message becomes deluded you end up reaching no one. Here are five steps to identifying your ideal client, audience, avatar. Remember ideal client, audience, avatar, it all means the same thing. Before you can move on to the other steps the is an ABSOLUTE!

  1. What specific problem am I trying to solve?

If your business is going to be successful it needs to solve a major problem your audience is facing. So for example I’ll use my business. The major problem I solve for mompreneurs is I help them figure out what to post to social media and help them gain social media confidence. That is the problem that I solve, and my solution is through my products and services.

2. Once you’ve identified the specific problem and the solution it’s time to dig deep into who you’re trying to help. Moms, you need to figure out the demographics, their hobbies and their personality. For example I’m going to read you some questions that you should be brainstorming. Don’t worry about writing all these questions down. I will make sure that all these questions are in the show notes for you so you can grab them later. So start thinking about what is their age, what is their gender.  You want to know where they live, figure out their marital status, does your ideal client have children? How many? What do they do in their spare time? What stresses them out? What would they search for online that has to do with your niche. Where do they shop? Are they online, are they in the stores? Where do they like to vacation? What is their dream job? Then take them time to describe your ideal client in a couple of words. Are they fun? Are they energetic? Come up with some descriptive words and what you’re going to find is most of the time your ideal customer may sound a lot like you and that is okay.

3. Take the time to analyze your current customers if you have any. Who are they? What are their ages. What are their current challenges and what information are they getting from you now that they love?

4.  Your Web site stats are a wealth of information. If you are not using Google Analytics, start using them today. I’m not going into how to setup google analytics. It’s really easy and just google it. But through Google Analytics you can figure out the basic demographics of who is visiting your Web site. What pages they’re leaving the most. Trust me, your Google Analytics is a wealth of information on who is visiting your Web site. That is going to give you a clue as to who is your ideal customer.

5.  Your website is not the only analytics source. Most social media platforms now have built in analytic tools. As far as social media analytics, look at your Instagram insights if you have a business page, your Facebook page insights, and your Pinterest analytics. You’re going to look at the demographics of your audience and you’re also going to look at the content that gets the most reach and engagement to discover what they like the most. So between your Google Analytics and the social media analytics you’ll be able to see which platform reaches more people, which gives you a clue to where your ideal customer hangs out. Once you figure out where your ideal customer hangs out, this gives you a clue to where you should be spending most of your time.

I hope this was helpful to so many of you. Keep going mamas you got this. Until next time.

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