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5 Ways to Repurpose Instagram Content


Welcome back to another quick tip Tuesday! Today, we’re focusing on REPURPOSING! I’m a huge fan of repurposed content. Work smarter, not harder, right!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The ease of Instagram Stories and how to use them on TikTok
  • How to repurpose your carousels into Reels and Pinterest Stories
  • Long-form content serves as great SEO and future posts
  • Why your Instagram Insights are the best place to start

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Full transcript:

Hey there, sister. Welcome to the social media for mompreneurs podcast. I am your host, Allison Scholes. And I am on a mission to help mompreneurs like you ditch the Instagram overwhelm and take control of your time on the app and build an extraordinary brand and business, but still be fully present with your family and just be crazy happy with.

This show is filled with Instagram strategies, marketing, hacks, branding, and business tips with the side of copy and Jesus, if you are ready for some juicy content, you know what to do, hand your kiddos, those tablets, open those juice boxes, grab your coffee, whiskey, or wine, and let’s dive in.

Main Content

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the show and welcome back to another quick tip Tuesday. Now I am going to warn you. It is such a beautiful day today that I could not put myself in the corner of my room, where it’s really quiet. I am sitting next to the slider with the window open. The sun shining. So you may hear some background noise.

You might hear my dog scout and you might even hear the birds chirping, but it is what it is I am going to do me. And when it comes to podcasting, well, you know what, there are no rules, but let’s get back to the quick tip Tuesday. I want to talk about different ways that you can be repurposing content.

You know that I am a huge fan. Of re-purposing content. I don’t believe that you need to be creating new content month after month, week after week and day after day. Heck no, that just takes up way too much energy. And then we won’t be showing up in our most authentic way. And with the most energy that we have, if we spend way too much time creating content, and I know that the.

Such a plethora of ways to repurpose content. But today I want to share my favorite ways and maybe some of these ways you haven’t even thought of yet. And I also want to remind you when it comes to repurposing content, you don’t have to stick to just your Instagram posts. All right. So let’s dive in here is the first idea that I want to share with you.

Tip 1

I do this as often as I can. Um, I’m not the greatest at it, right? We can’t be perfect. In the way that we show up, it is all about just being consistent. And the more practice that we do, the more practice into showing. That’s how we make improvements. So here’s the first one, your Instagram stories. What happens when we create a story?

Normally we put it in our stories. It disappears after 24 hours, and we forget about it. We don’t even bother really looking at our Instagram story and a little. But I want to remind you that if you are putting great content in your Instagram stories, if you are showing your face and using your voice and you’re being inspirational or you’re being educational, that is really great content that you should be repurposed.

So when you have an Instagram story and it is under a minute and you think it would be incredibly valuable for your audience and for an audience that you would like to attract, I would take that Instagram story. I would download it to your phone and repurpose it as a TikTok video or an Instagram reel.

Now I do this all the time. I will film an Instagram story, put the captions on. Put it in stories downloaded to my phone and I will repurpose it a few days or a week later in my Instagram reels and on tick-tock now what you can also do with that video, your Instagram story video, you can also repurpose it as a Pinterest story idea.

I have had people come to me. On Instagram saying that they found me on Pinterest because they watched my video through Pinterest. Now this is an excellent way to expand your visibility and a great way to build the authority and trust that you are looking for. So that’s number one, go into your stories and start recording video that shows your face and it records your voice.

Put the caption on there, right? You can go in your Instagram stories, the little actions and click captions, and it automatically generates the captions for you. That is the easiest way to not only create content, but to repurpose it as well. So if you’re going to do anything today, I hope you start doing that.

Tip 2

Now, a second idea for you is Instagram carousels. You take so much time to create those Instagram carousels, and you put them in your news feed. Well, why wouldn’t we repurpose it? An Instagram real or a Pinterest story. And you’re probably like, Alison, hi, how would I do that? So your Instagram carousels is filled with some great value.

You are either teaching your audience how to do something or you’re sharing some steps, whatever it is, it’s valuable. And most of the time carousels perform well on Instagram. You have created that Instagram carousel, right. So, all you need to do is resize your carousel for reals, which is a 10 80 by 1920, or you can resize it for a Pinterest story.

I thousand by 1500, all you do is now take those individual images that have been resized for reels or story uploaded into your region. And you can add background music. So now you have taken your Instagram carousel and you’ve repurposed it as a real video with background music. You do not even have to add background music and a Pinterest story.

You are just going to add it like, almost like an Instagram story where you have your individual clips. Pinterest story is very similar. You are going to upload. The Instagram carousel clips as a story for Pinterest, you just need make sure that you resize it. So again, if you are going to take your Instagram carousel and repurpose it as an Instagram reel, just make sure you resize it to the 10 80 by 1920, and then for a Pinterest story, resize it for 1000 by 1500.

Tip 3

All right, here is the next. At some point on Instagram, you have created long form content posts. These are your Instagram posts that you typed out a lot in your caption, you have a hook, you have, you know, a step-by-step process or you have gone in depth with something. And then you have a great call to action.

I highly recommend that you take those long form content posts and repurpose them as a blog post on your website, which is great because now you have more SEO for your website. You can repurpose that post as an email campaign or as an assortment of. That point back to the blog post on your websites.

I hear over and over “Allison, I am having such a hard time getting consistent with email campaigns. I am not sending an email to my list every week because I can’t come up with.” So go back and look at your Instagram posts. Do you have any long form content posts that performed well? Again, we are looking for posts that is very inspiring, very educational for your audience.

Really dives deep into value. Repurpose it as an email campaign. Hey, just a quick reminder that the inset accelerator academy is now open. If you are sick of jumping from coach to coach and course to. To not only build your business, but explode on Instagram, then this membership academy is the answer. Not only do you have access to a ton of Instagram and business building bundles, which you can do with your own pace, you will also have access to monthly coaching calls with me and a private community of other entrepreneurs who have your back.

If you are ready to take back control of your time, spent on Instagram and grow your brand in business with ease and comfort. And finally show up on social the way you were always designed to do by the grace of God. Then head to and join the academy. No need to dump thousands of dollars into masterminds and high ticket coaches.

Get the clarity and competence you need. Which costs less than your monthly manicure. I will see you inside the inset accelerator.

Tip 4

Okay. Okay, two more for you. Anytime you do Instagram story polls or Q and As and we get like the results back, you know, people vote on things, or they answer your questions and then that information just kind of stays in your brain.

I highly recommend that you repurpose the results or the answers that you have. Make it into an Instagram live or a Facebook live, create a YouTube video, make, or reel or write a blog post, or you could even write an email campaign based on the results. So make sure that you are repurposing the story poll results and the answers to your Q and A’s.

Tip 5

And then finally, this is one of my favorite ones that I am really good about doing is my Instagram reels. Yes. Not only should you take your reels and share them to your stories because it helps your view. But you should also make sure that once you have posted your real, save that real to your camera phone and upload it as a tic-tac video and get in stories and upload it as a Pinterest pin idea.

Again, people have been coming from Pinterest finding me on Instagram because that is what I’m doing. I am taking my Instagram reels and I am re-purposing them as Pinterest pin ID. Such an easy way because you’ve already done the work. Now you just need to upload it to Pinterest pins and Tik TOK. And what is the greatest thing about Tik TOK is you don’t even need a long caption, right?

You barely even have to write anything. So you are just taking a couple extra steps that way you are just having a brand presence on all these other platforms. And I want to make sure that I touch on this. A lot of people might be thinking like, oh my gosh, I barely have my feet wet with Instagram. And now you want me on all these platforms.

That is not what I’m saying. I am not saying that you have to nail down. Tik TOK and Pinterest and Facebook, all I am saying is that you can take the content that you have your core content that you have on Instagram, and you can spread it out on other platforms that way you have a brand presence. It does not mean that you need to know.

Tik TOK or LinkedIn or Facebook on the back of your hand, but at least you are building a presence on other platforms because again, Instagram can disappear tomorrow. So in my view, I would at least not only have my own long form content, which is my website in my pocket. But I want to have at least a presence on all the other platforms, just in case if one platform dies tomorrow, I have another platform that I can jump on and start utilizing.

And then if you are kind of stuck, like, okay, I don’t know what I should start repurposing. Like where do I see. Use your Instagram insights to view your best performing posts, your best performing reels, and even your stories to determine the content to repurpose. Now I will leave you with this verse.

Proverbs ten verse four, lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands, bring wealth. Be intentional in everything you. Including what you create online, take pride and ownership on what you do and what you create because you are meant to inspire and impact. Steve sassy sparkle and wear sweatpants. I cannot thank you enough for listening today and supporting this show the best way to support me and grow the podcast is by leaving a written review on apple iTunes.

I promise you; I read every review and take them to heart and do not forget, head to to grab all my freebies or hang out with me on Instagram at Allison Scholes. I will see you soon.


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