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Is Instagram sucking the life out of you? Trying to grow your Instagram presence can feel like an uphill battle, momma. Let’s make it simple with three things you can do to keep growing without spending your life on the app.

In this episode, I share simple, daily activities you can do on Instagram that will save you a boatload of time and grow your account over time. I also share what’s working now on Instagram and what type of post drives engagement. And speaking of engagement, I share a simple hack that will get you engaging with more than 900 people in the next 3 months! How’s that for growth?

How to grow your presence on Instagram


What You’ll Learn About Growing Your Instagram Presence

  • You’ll find out which type of feed post is all the rage right now for keeping your audience engaged
  • You’ll learn how to find content to repurpose to quickly make this type of post
  • You’ll redefine what consistency is for you so you can appease the algorithm without draining yourself dry
  • We’ll settle the caption debate (for this moment in time) yet again.
  • You’ll walk away with a strategy to engage with 900 people in the next 90 days all without spending hours in the app.

And don’t forget to grab my free hashtag guide, because they do still matter!


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