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Is that all you hear when you post to Instagram? You might get a few likes, but zero comments. You wonder, “What am I doing wrong? Is the Instagram algorithm out to get me?”

Inmy opinion and experience your posts must fall into one of these three categories. This is Episode 9; how do I get more engagement on my Instagram posts?

I can assure you the Instagram algorithm is not out to get you. Today I’m going to share posts types that will help you increase your engagement results.

Instagram; it’s a beast. It can be your friend and foe at the same time. You love it but hate it. Am I right? You know Instagram is the place to grow your following and to make great connections, but it can really piss you off at the same time.

I say this because I have those feelings too. At least I did until I reframed the way I look at and used Instagram. I’ve come to learn that there are two ways to approach Instagram.

You can either use the platform as an Instagrammer or as a business owner. Which one are you right now? Let’s find out.

An Instagrammer will post a random photo with or without a caption. They will scroll endlessly ‘liking’ a few photos along the way without reading the caption. They post sporadically, maybe a few days in a row, then not for a whole week. They may include a few popular hashtags. They might do a quick Instagram story for the week.

A business owner uses Instagram as a marketing tool. They approach Instagram with a strategy. They post consistently and with intention. They are seeking others to begin conversations. They are active in their hashtag hubs. They respond to every comment on their posts. They leave valuable comments on other posts daily. They create Instagram Stories daily. They upload videos to their IGTV at least once a week. Business owners schedule their time to be on and use Instagram.

Do you understand the difference between an Instagrammer and a business owner? Who are you right now?

It’s OK to admit to yourself that you might be an Instagrammer because I was one too. And to this day I can still fall into the trap of an Instagrammer, especially at night after dinner when the kiddos are binge watching SpongeBob SquarePants. I catch myself picking up my phone, clicking the IG icon and the scroll begins. I admit I still do it sometimes. But I’m getting so much better. I stop myself and ask, is this behavior benefiting not only my business but my family? I encourage you to ask yourself this question next time you open the app.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to approach Instagram, let’s chat about the three post types that will drive more engagement to your post.

Let’s start those conversations right now. I want you to approach Instagram with the intent to share and serve instead of selling. In my opinion, selling equals spamming…yuck.

To get more engagement your post should fall into one of these three categories. They should be either relatable, educational and entertaining.

Relatable post: To relate to my target audience, I’m going to post about mom life, a hard lesson I’ve learned in either being a mom or in business, and I’ll talk about the balance between business and family life, and I’ll talk about my kids. Those post types are relatable to my target audience.

Second, I’m going to make sure that one of my posts will be educational. I may have a post about a mini training that relates to Instagram or branding. I may have some post types that have tutorials. I may talk about a process into creating something. Those post types are educational for my target audience.

Finally, some of my post types will be entertaining. I may do a behind the scenes post type, what I’ve learned in business, or include a funny story.

Your post should fall into one of those three categories. Either relatable to your target audience, educate your target audience or entertain your target audience.

Most of your post, at least 80 percent of them, should ask some sort of question related to your topic. Give your audience a reason to interact and comment on your post. Don’t share a funny story without asking a question. They’ll just read it, like it and move on.

If you want engagement you need to begin the dialogue first. Ask those questions, create and begin the conversations. If you want the engagement you have to put in the work. Posting a picture of you and your dog with a comment, ‘me and my dog’ will not drive engagement. Is there a funny story about you and your dog that could be relatable to your target audience?

Shift the way you think about Instagram and how you use it and every time you post to Instagram, that post should either be relatable, educational or entertaining. Please stop spamming and begin to share and serve your audience.

Remember success doesn’t happen overnight and neither does the engagement. It takes consistency and it takes you showing up. Until next time, Happy posting.


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