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Do you have a healthy relationship with social media? Is comparisonitis all bad?

Today we have Dr. Caroline Addington. She’s the founder of Bigger Than A Brand, an online community that helps coaches do Instagram in a way that feels true to them AND gets all the clients.

She’s also the host of the Empowered Expression podcast, where she interviews New York Times Bestsellers and 7-figure entrepreneurs about what it’s really like behind the scenes of their business. Caroline’s a believer in being your whole self online, marketing with love, and having a healthy relationship with social media.

We have an open, fun, and honest exploration of what that really means– having a healthy relationship with social media. We also talk about comparisonitis, affirmations, and more! So grab that beverage and get ready for an interview full of aha moments and down-to-earth reality checks.


What You’ll Learn About Having A Healthy Relationship With Social Media (And More)

  • What does it actually mean to have a healthy relationship with social media
  • How  can you shift your relationship with social media if it isn’t healthy
  • How to examine comparisonitis in a healthy way
  • Affirmations, Mindset work, What actually works for all this stuff

Connect with Caroline at:
Instagram: @caroline.addington_
Podcast: Empowered Expression

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