How To Create a Facebook Cover Video….for free!

As we know, video is the way to go on social media. So why not add more value to your Facebook page with a cover video?

Today’s tutorial covers the steps to creating a video using Adobe Spark Video and your own creativity. Don’t worry! If you feel you are not that creative, Adobe Spark has create templates to pick from.


Steps to creating your video:

  1. Sketch out your story. It should include who you are, what you provide or the benefits of your business, and list your website.
  2. Download stock photos if you don’t take your own. has free stock photos.
  3. Download Adobe Spark Video and create a free account.
  4. Choose your template and layout.
  5. Upload your photos, slide by slide.
  6. Drag and re-order your slides.
  7. Add captions and background music. Please note: most viewers watch videos muted, so if you choose to narrate please keep this in mind.
  8. Set the timing of each slide (recommend 4-6 seconds per slide.)
  9. Preview and download to your computer.
  10. Upload the video to your Facebook page and publish

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