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How to Create a Harmonious Business

This is for those who don’t want to set yearly goals, but desire a harmonious business!

Everywhere you turn on social media, it’s guru after guru telling you to set your goals for the year, how to plan them, what strategies to take, blah, blah, blah.

In this bonus episode, you’ll discover:

  • why you might be struggling with yearly goals
  • the harmonious business cycle
  • what to do in each cycle
  • why it leads to business growth and momentum


Make sure to grab the Weekly Project Workflow for Business Success… a perfect addition to your new Harmonious Business Cycle!


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For some reason, I tend to cringe and have negative feelings towards goals. Honestly, I don’t really know where I want to be a year from now. For me, I’m solely focused on Q1.

In my life, things change so rapidly. What I love and desire today; I can guarantee will change or shift by the end of the year.

So this year… I’m focusing on a much more harmonious business and life! I heard someone on the @edmylett show talk about this harmonious business cycle and this is what I’ll be doing each quarter.

Let’s break it down….

The Harmonious Business Cycle starts with Creativity

The beginning of every quarter I’ll be fully immersed in my creativity/problem solving zone. Is there a new lead magnet I want to create that solves a problem for my audience? How do I want to be more visible? What is my main focus and how will I boost sales this quarter?

Your Harmonious Business continues with Consistency

Then I’ll move on to a consistency zone. I’ll consistently talk about and create content based on what I came up with during the creativity time. I’ll be consistent with one offer, one project and one sales boost!


On to sustainability. What I’ve been doing during the consistency zone, can I continue it? Is it sustainable? Is it growing my business?


And finally, at the end of the quarter, it’s time to rest and reflect. What were my personal wins? Any important tasks met? What did I learn? Who did I connect with or make an impact on? Were there any concerns/troubles that I can’t control?

Then the cycle starts again in Q2. I’m not a big fan of setting goals in January that I’ll probably not even look at in May.

If you want to know the podcast episode on Ed’s show, DM me on Instagram and I’ll find it for you.

So tell me, does this harmonious business cycle interest you? Think you’ll give it a try?

Do me a favor and save this post for future reference or share with your audience if you think it’ll help them.

Here’s to a harmonious 2023!


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