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Welcome back to another hot seat coaching episode! If you’re looking to create meaningful Instagram content for your business and inspire your audience, this episode is a must-listen.

Jessica Hayes joins me today to chat about her intentions for Instagram and how to reach her audience. She’s all about helping busy Christian moms strengthen their family relationships, spiritual growth, and mental health.

If you’re looking to:

  • Serve your people without feeling spammy
  • Connect with your people while honoring your own boundaries
  • Figure out two of the biggest things to define to create that Instagram content for your business with ease and clarity

This episode has you covered!


During this hot seat coaching, you’ll learn to make meaningful Instagram content for your business through:

  • Defining what you want to be known for
  • Setting your intention for being on Instagram for your business
  • Using your rich, long-form content to nurture your Instagram audience without reinventing the wheel with constant new content
  • And more!

Connect with Jessica on Instagram at @loveyourpeoplewell


Before we dive in, I am excited to announce there will be a third round of the Instagram Growth Bootcamp starting September 3rd!I know you know the potential of Instagram, but if you’re feeling stuck with growing and strategy you need to hop on the waitlist today.

The Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You’re just getting started with Instagram
  • You’re pretty well versed on the “Gram but still struggle with some parts of it
  • You’re an OG on Insta but still aren’t seeing the growth or engagement you want

In just 8 weeks we’ll cover what would take you an entire year to accomplish on your own including:

  • Knowing exactly what to post to meet your goals
  • Growing your following organically
  • Connecting with people daily without feeling sleazy
  • Taking control of your time spent on the app so you can get back to your business
  • Setting up your own workflow that supports how you need work
  • Plus so much more!

If being a content creation queen while doing it all with simplicity and control has you more excited than drinking your coffee before it gets cold, be sure to get on that waitlist today.


Now, let’s jump right into this hot seat coaching with Jessica!


Full Transcript Below!

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