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How to Increase Pinterest Clicks and Saves with THESE Easy Methods

Get ready to learn things about Pinterest you never thought you needed to know! You will discover easy tips to get more Pinterest clicks and saves and grow your email list.

Hello my friend! Buckle up for an epic episode because today we’re diving into “Instagram Content vs. Pinterest Content.” I am joined by Kate Ahl who is the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media, which is a Pinterest management and marketing company.


Ready for more Pinterest clicks ad saves? In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Pinterest and Instagram are different
  • If trends on Instagram should be repurposed on Pinterest
  • How to increase clicks and saves on Pinterest
  • What kind of content is preferred on Pinterest
  • Is pinning other peoples’ pins really important?

Now grab your pen and paper and let’s get to the juicy stuff.

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Excerpt from the interview:

Allison: How are Pinterest and Instagram different?

Kate: I love this question.

I like to tell people Instagram is like a bar. Pinterest is like a library.

You walk into the bar with Instagram, there’s a lot of things going on.

There’s people you want to follow, people you want to talk to, people you are genuinely interested in knowing about their life, right? So it’s very communicative, it’s extroverted, and loud.

Pinterest is where people go to ask questions and to find information.

It’s very quiet. They’re not interested in people talking to them or having engagement.

They go thinking, “how can this platform serve me and how can it answer my questions, build my dreams, talk about my future goals, get information?”

That’s how we see them as two totally different platforms. We put Pinterest in the bucket of YouTube and Google because the intent is the same. And I think that’s the biggest difference, is how does the user approach the platform.

And once you see it that way, it makes it way easier to market to your ideal person.

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