How to increase your visibility: social media vs. podcasting?

Welcome back friend! Today, I’m joined by my business mentor and friend, Stefanie Gass, who is so amazing at what she does.

She is a CEO, wife, boy mom, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast! Stef helps women get clear on their niche, start a podcast, and grow a successful online business, God’s way.

Stef is the host of a top .5% globally ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show.

She believes it’s possible to partner with God to create impact and income without sacrificing or buying into social media hustle.

And today we’re chatting about social media vs. podcasting; more specifically the visibility behind both of them and how to grow your audience.

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During this interview, you’ll discover:

  • the visibility of social media vs podcasting
  • how you can use podcasting to grow your audience
  • realistic expectations: what are some misconceptions people have about podcasting
  • Can you make money from a podcast?
  • How you can get started with a podcast

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Excerpt from the interview:

Allison: I would love for you to explain the visibility of social media versus podcasting.

Stefanie: Yeah, I love that you bring this up Allison, because social media seems like it’s the most visible option.

Okay. I’m starting a business. I have a side hustle, whatever it is. And I’m going to show up on social. I have to have a social, a social presence because you’re posting videos and you’re posting stories and all the stuff. And you think that this is making a really big impact in your visibility because you get likes comments, you get instant gratification.

Yep. So there’s that, but the problem is, is that social media. It has an algorithm, and it has a very short shelf life. So you do all this work, and you pop up in stories or the feed and you last for maybe 24 hours, if you’re lucky, but the problem is your avatar. Your person is on there. With a numb out mindset or a I’m here to post as well, mindset.

So you have about two to three seconds of their attention. They see your thing and think it’s cute. They like it. They’re gone. There’s not enough time, nor is there the mindset of connection and vulnerability when you show up on social and then you have to show up again tomorrow and be like, oh, hi, remember me?

It’s so exhausting…

I’m still here and post. And it’s just so exhausting. So, yes, you can get visibility, but it’s this, you have to work exponentially harder at showing up and being there because they’re not in the mindset, they’re not clicking and honestly, it’s not converting. Right. So that’s the way that that goes down and it is what it is.

There’s just, and it’s even getting harder and harder as the time goes on. You know, Allison had a very different experience with Instagram two, three years ago than she has today. Mm-hmm space is getting more difficult to show up versus. Podcasting you think that’s not going to get me any visibility?

Podcast visibility

There’s no, I don’t have to show up on the, on a video. You know, it’s me behind her microphone. Who’s going to listen like this isn’t going to work well. The difference is on the podcasting platform, you record an episode instead of making a reel, it took you two hours, record, a 30 minute episode. You pop it up and you have some SEO and keywords in your title.

Maybe you have great art cover art or have all of the little components that. Your episode will get found online.

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