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How to Live On Purpose and Make Better Daily Choices

Hey Friend! I don’t say this often, but today’s episode is probably my favorite! Recently, I read the book called, On Purpose by Tanya Dalton. I’ve read a lot of personal development/entrepreneur books, but THIS ONE made a HUGE impact on me. It sounds corny, but it was life changing.

Because of this book, I’m making shifts and changes that align with where I want to be in 5 to 10 years. I’m learning to live on purpose and make better daily choices.

Because of this book, I’m able to prioritize my tasks and goals, work on what’s practical, see what’s possible and explore my ultimate potential.

I am so excited to introduce you to Tayna Dalton, a speaker, best-selling author, and nationally recognized productivity expert. She is going to help you step into purposeful leadership and live on purpose.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • what living on purpose means
  • the Fifth Way Method to uncover the root cause of what’s holding you back
  • words we use matter
  • the myth of the multipassionate person
  • and goals are NOT the goal

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Excerpt from the episode:

Allison: Hello, Tanya, welcome to the show

Tayna: Thanks so much for having me. I’m excited about this.

Allison: I am too. Now, today, we’re chatting about your latest book On Purpose. And I have to say, I have read many personal development business, life books, but this one got me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where I felt the author was inside my head the whole time. This book is extraordinary, it’s powerful, it’s meaningful. And I love how you include a downloadable action plan that goes along with each chapter in the book, because I know there’s many of us who read these books and, you know, we’re encouraged, and our mindset is in the right place, and we get the strategy and we highlight pages.

Allison: And then we put the book down and we never touch it again. And I feel like you went one step above and pushed us to not only read the book, get the strategies, get the mindset, but now go put it in action. And here’s the other thing. It felt like you were sitting in my living room. Speaking directly to me.

Allison: So I want to dive into some of the parts of your book that really had an impact on me. And I hope it has an impact on the audience today. So are you ready?

Tayna: Tanya? I am. I mean, after all of that, how can I say no? Right. Like that is amazing because honestly, this is. This is why you write a book; you write a book because you want to help people.

Tayna: You want it to make an impact and make a difference. So to hear that it’s had a, had a big impact on you is that’s amazing. It’s such a gift to hear as an author. I really did want people to feel like it’s not just a bunch of ideas or thoughts. It’s like, let’s put it into action. So the fact that that resonated with you just that’s everything.

Tayna: So thank you for that.

Allison: My first question to you is why did you write On Purpose?

Tayna: Yeah. Well, that’s a good question. Because why would you do something crazy like write 60,000 words, especially in the middle of a pandemic, which is when I wrote it. My first book came out right before the pandemic.

The Joy of Missing Out is my first book which was named a top 10 business book of the year by Fortune Magazine. This is incredible and amazing for a woman who has had zero business courses and never took a class in college on business! And Harper Colins said, “you know, we’d love for you to write a second book.”

Tayna: And I was like, great. I’ll totally do that. Why don’t we write a book on goal setting? And they were like, fabulous because people love goal setting. Right? Mm-hmm so I sat down. Mapped out the book had it all beautifully laid out chapter by chapter. What it was going to look like had a writing plan.

Tayna: Everything was mapped out February of 2020, and then March of 2020 happened. mm-hmm and in March of 2020, the world, just everything, you know, just went off its access. And suddenly, I am trying to figure out what to do with my own business. I’m homeschooling two kids that I never anticipated homeschooling.

Tayna: Right. Because school has shut down. The world is upside down. I’m figuring out what to do with my team at work and everything else. And so I didn’t start writing the book. Didn’t follow that perfect plan that I had created. And couldn’t write the book. Couldn’t write the book, couldn’t get to writing the book, because again, I’m working on algebra with, you know, a middle schooler and working with history world history with the high schooler and everything else.

Tayna: And so what was amazing though, and this, I think is the, the silver lining in the pandemic, because we have to look for the silver lining. Is, it really was a time where the world collectively stopped and started pausing and asking, why am I doing what I’m doing? What am I here to do? Is this what it’s all about?

Tayna: And in that very big pregnant pause that we all had, I began to really listen to of the things that people were talking about, people in my world, the people who were readers of my first book, the people who listened to me on my podcast and these questions kept coming up again and again, and that’s when I realized.

Tayna: Goals are not the goal. Goals are just the vehicle to getting you to the life you want. Right? Same thing with your business. Your business is not the goal. Your business is the vehicle for the life you want to have. So when I stopped thinking about the book is this is a book about goal setting and realized goals are a part of it, but it’s really that bigger vision of who you are, where you want to go, what you want that life to look like, then it becomes, oh, the goals are just steppingstones.

Tayna: So let’s figure out how to set those goals, what those goals should be, what are the right goals for you? And let’s really start looking at that bigger picture, living on purpose. Isn’t about changing who you are, it’s rising up and becoming the best version of you. It’s looking out at that horizon and seeing this bright, beautiful future that you dream about and then making your way towards that vision with purpose.

Tayna: So, yeah, so that’s how it all came about.

Allison: That’s amazing. And it almost felt like, what happened to you during the pandemic, it happened on purpose for you?

Tayna: Oh, I absolutely believe that that’s what happened. Yeah. I think that so many things in our world and our lives happen on purpose for us.

Tayna: And it is shifting that mindset instead of thinking, why is this happening to me? Instead, thinking, why is this happening for me? What could be the good that can come out of this? Because the truth is we can dream about a bright, beautiful future, but it’s not necessarily a straight even path to get there.

Tayna: There’s going to be forks on the road. Things are going to shift and change. I know my life is a perfect example of that. I thought way back when that I was going to be a stay at home mom. When I first had my kids, I had no idea I was going to be a business owner, a podcaster, an author, or any of those things.


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