How to Position Yourself to Make Customer Connections

What does Tony Robbins, a business and two kids have in common? My guest, of course! You’re in for a treat today. Seriously, hide your closet for this one, because you don’t want to miss anything. Veronica talks about the connection between our customers and their aspirations. Veronica Romney has dedicated her work to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to connect with their customers. She is the founder of My Modern Brand, a branding and marketing education company that helps great people, like you and I, clarify their brand message, find their unique brand voice and market themselves authentically. When she isn’t busy, wrangling a business and two kids, she is an in demand international Tony Robbins speaker. Get your pen and paper ready because this is good!

What does aspiration mean to you and why do you believe they are important in our business?

what do people need to understand about aspirations to make a connection?

when it comes to making connections and turning those contacts to customers, what’s the number one question or frustration you get from entrepreneurs.


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