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How to Stand Out and Build A Recognizable Brand Like Nike

Do you feel your brand is being ignored online? Feel like it’s hard to push through all the noise? Today, you’ll discover the 4 main reasons your brand is being ignored and how you can stand out and build a recognizable brand like Nike!

Say hello to Parker Nash!

Parker is a brand messaging and marketing expert and an 11-year veteran of Nike where he grew lines of business to more than half a billion in annual revenue.

While at Nike, he realized the process they used to build their brand was something all businesses could do which inspired him to build his own copywriting and marketing agency that helps mission-driven businesses attract devoted customers.

Get ready to learn:

  • the right approach to marketing
  • what to say – clean up your messaging
  • the right marketing assets
  • the 3 B’s to marketing
  • the #1 tip for your website

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Main takeaways from the Interview:

4 reasons why your brand is being ignored (what you need to build a recognizable brand)

  1. You’re not approaching marketing the right way. Here are things to consider (how Nike does it right):
    1. the right target audience
    2. have high profit products/services and a way to easily serve your audience
    3. focus on referrals
  2. Clear messaging (what to say)
    1. avoid a me-monster (bragging) – make it about your audience, not you!
    2. avoid jargon or confusing language
    3. avoid saying too much
    4. saying everything to everyone
  3. You need the right marketing assets
    1. website
    2. lead magnet
    3. email marketing
  4. Is your marketing random?
    1. Build – create and build your content
    2. Borrow – collaborate with other business owners/entrepreneurs/brands
    3. Buy – paid advertising


The #1 piece of advice for your website

Nail the “above the fold” section! Your main headline should easily state what you do, who you’re for, and what does the audience get.

Parker goes into great detail on the show. Listen to its entirety here:


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