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How To Use Non-Social Media Marketing To Generate A New Client Base

Social Media is fun and a great way to get eyeballs on your business, but smart entrepreneurs use non-social media marketing and SEO to generate a new client base.

In this episode, you’ll meet Hilary Angrove, the director of Growth at Make Your Mark Today, a boutique digital marketing agency focused on SEO. If you’re ready to refresh your website and dominate SEO, and get new clients, this interview is for you.

You’ll discover crucial non-social media SEO marketing:

  • Why you should invest in non-social media tactics.
  • Where to start with SEO
  • The 3 main components to look at on your website
  • And how to get a free SEO website audit

Prefer video? Watch the full interview here for the best SEO tips:

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Hilary discusses the three main components for your website to start ranking on Google. She walks you through how to organize your website, how to clean your website and how to update your website. Once you have the base to a great website, then SEO plays a key role into ranking on Google. All these components are crucial to use non-social media marketing to generate a new client base.


blue/purple graphic with Hilary Angrove on the Social Media for Mompreneurs podcast, hosted by Allison Scholes: How To Use Non-Social Media Marketing To Generate A New Client Base (SEO tips and strategies)


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Excerpt from the interview:

Allison: So how would someone start? Let’s just take, for instance, someone is starting a business and they have a social media presence. They got Instagram, they got Facebook. Maybe they started a Facebook group, and they got the Facebook page and they’re pump out content.

Allison: Where does someone start? Because when we say you need SEO on your website, that’s daunting to think about. Especially as someone who is experienced in business, where does SEO really count? Because I hear all the time, you want to get ranked on Google!

Allison: Well, that’s great. But like what does it look like? Can you break it down where we start here first.

Non-Social Media Marketing for your Website: Organized, Clean, and Up-to-Date

Hilary: Yeah. So we’re going to go back to the store analogy because I find it’s the easiest way. You want to have your store organized, clean, up to date or modern, and you want it to make it easy for word of mouth, about your store to spread.

Hilary: The online world is just trying to replicate the real world and people aren’t going in stores anymore. They’re going to websites. So by organized, you should look at your website and be like, ‘Where’s the cashier,’ and that by cashier, I mean, call to action? So what’s your call to action?

Hilary: Whatever it is, it needs to be clear and easy to see, because you’re not going to put your cash register in the basement of your floor level store. It’s going to be right center front and you also want it to be organized so people can navigate your store.

Hilary: So the about us page, do you have one, is it clear? Where is it? Is it where most people have it? The ‘contact us’ button? Where is that? Is it clear? Go to your competitors. How are their websites organized? Make sure yours is organized that way.

Refresh your website and put in valuable content. You want the content on your website to be valuable, which will start ranking on Google


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