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How to write better copy for your emails and website – the Quantum Copy Method

Want to add more magic to your website, emails and copy?

In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • The Quantum Copy Method
  • Crystal’s advice for writing websites, copy, email funnels and more
  • The biggest benefit of writing a book

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An excerpt from the interview:

The number one part of the Quantum Copy Method is recognizing our experience is rooted in our values.

If you understand the values of your client and you speak directly to those values and you use the language that they understand, you’re going to sell more product. That’s a major piece of quantum copy.

The hierarchy of sales messaging

There’s two other pieces to it. The hierarchy of sales messaging. Oftentimes we go straight after the high ticket item instead of going for the low ticket item that’s going to introduce them to us and teach them something first.

We are naturally skeptical. We’ve been under two decades of people selling us high ticket offers that never converted and we couldn’t figure out why. We’ve heard people talk about, “I made a million dollars last year.” Okay, congrats. They’ll tell you “I did it all in selling. a selling a course. And then they’ll say, “do you want to learn how to do it? Buy my course for 59 99?” And you’re like, “oh, that’s how you did it. You sold me on how to sell a course.”

Do we see the irony? When we talk about the hierarchy of sales messaging, yes, you have a high ticket offer.

How to build trust

There are going to be many people that want your high ticket. But the first thing that you need to worry about is how do you show them that you are honest, trustworthy, and can get them results. And oftentimes it’s a little thing. So for me, sometimes it’s being on a podcast. Sometimes it’s taking a free class off my website.

Sometimes it’s taking a retreat or a workshop that I’m running. And then when you want the biggest result in the fastest way possible, you come to my HDO, which is working with me one-on-one. Some people will come straight to a one-on-one and just be like, “Crystal, just write for me.” Other people are going to need me to show them the steps to say, you are my human.

That’s okay. So when you go to my website, it talks about my one-on-one work, but I really push you into taking my free class. Test me out. That gives them the confidence that when you say, ‘yes, I’m going to hand over a bigger dollar amount,’ to me it shows that you already like me and you trust me, and you know I can get you a result.

Pleasure Principle to writing better emails

That’s all it’s doing. It’s building trust. Then we do two other things. And this is simple. If you only take one thing away from copy, take these two things. Pleasure principle – lean into the pleasure of working with you. The pleasure of collaborating with you is the result that you can create for your client.

And the second thing. Envision that every piece of copy you write is a love letter to your client. A love letter is about them, not about you. We use ‘we’ and ‘you’ language, not ‘hey’ language. It is filled with empathy and kindness and compliments. It is about serving them, not serving ourselves.

So if every message you send, every cold message, every social media post you make, every email you send out, every website you create, you think of it as a love letter that you are crafting to this human; you will exponentially improve your copy simply by keeping that in mind.

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