Ignite Your Light Prayer Journal

Stay encouraged and anchored in your faith during the different seasons of life.

The 60 day prayer journal is a combination of a mini bible study and a daily journal. It has 5 different sections, or “seasons”, to meet you where you’re at now and what you’re experiencing. You’ll move from fear, doubt, and overwhelm to joy, peace, courage and spiritual strength.

As you navigate the seasons of life using the Ignite Your Light prayer journal, you’ll deepen your relationship with God and yourself. Experience grace through scripture and cast your burdens unto Jesus. 

Daily prompts will help you develop a grateful attitude (or practice gratitude). You’ll identify your feelings and emotions and through closeness in Christ, and cast away fear, develop confidence to take action and accomplish your dreams and desires, build positive relationships, and rediscover joy and your passions. 

photo of Allison Scholes holding the Ignite Your Light journal

Hi! I’m Allison. As an online entrepreneur I was struggling with fear, doubt, and overwhelm.  I found it hard to navigate all of the negativity and chaos of the world around me.  

Reconnecting with God gave me the comfort and strength I needed to move through each day and find joy, peace, and light again. 

I want you to feel God’s presence and radiance too, and that is why I designed and created the Ignite Your Light Journal. To give you hope and connection as you walk through the season of your life – trust, joy, rest, anxiety and growth. 

As you move through the pages of the prayer journal, you’ll discover a renewed relationship with God, restoration of hope, and the strength to shine your light for yourself and others – Like I have. 

Let’s walk this journey together and help make the world a brighter place for generations to come.

The Journal

a photo of Allison Scholes holding the Ignite Your Light journal

💗 Hard, durable cover (with gold foil printing)

💗 lay-flat design

💗 7in x 9in

💗 160 pages

💗 Durable white paper (no bleed through)

💗 5 sections (seasons): Trust, Joy, Rest, Anxiety, and Growth

the specs/details on the Ignite your Light journal
the inside of the Ignite Your Light journal: season of trust
Ignite your Light journal | season of rest
Ignite Your Light | season of anxiety