Instagram Stories vs. IGTV! How to approach Instagram Stories and IGTV, what kind of content to share and how often you should be showing up.

Instagram Stories vs. IGTV! What content goes where and how do you show up? That debate gets cleared up today. I’ll share EXACTLY how to approach Instagram Stories and IGTV, what kind of content to share and how often you should be showing up.


Instagram content doesn’t need to be tricky. Build the know-like-trust factor utilizing both Stories and IGTV with an easy strategy!

Instagram Stories vs. IGTV! How to approach Instagram Stories and IGTV, what kind of content to share and how often you should be showing up.

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Instagram Stories vs. IGTV. I get it. What kind of content? How do we show up in our stories in IGTV? No worries. I’m going to break it down for you. I’m going to tell you what kind of content you should be sharing in your Instagram stories and what kind of content you should be putting in IGTV and how often you should be showing up in both. Let’s start.

Hey there, my boss, welcome to the social media for mompreneurs podcast, where we dive into personal branding, how to build our businesses on social media, learn some really cool marketing hacks all while balancing family life. And don’t forget we do it. The fun and easy way. I’m Alison Scholes, once a corporate marketing coordinator, a teacher, and now photographer and podcaster. And yes, I’m that boss lady in sweat pants. Go ahead and hand out the kids’ tablets. Open those juice boxes, put on your comfy sweat pants and hiding your closet. Let’s get this party started.

All right, ladies, I am jumping on today, going live and we are going to talk about Instagram stories versus IGTV. So recently I did get that question. What kind of content do I share in my Instagram stories? What kind of content do I share in my IGTV? Is it the same? Is it different? So I’m going to break that down for you. Okay. So let’s talk about Instagram stories. First Instagram stories is your opportunity to showcase your personality and focus on building a community. So I always say this don’t be like Loki. Don’t try to mimic what other people are doing on Instagram. Don’t try to transform your account or your newsfeed to look like anybody else. You want to use Instagram stories to showcase your personality, show people who you are, show your face, show up as real, and as, as authentic as you are, people want to know who the person is behind the brand, behind the business.

So use Instagram stories just to get personal. Let’s talk about the know like, and trust factor. Your Instagram newsfeed is for everyone to get to know you. But your Instagram stories is when people start to like you and they’re going to like you. If they know the person behind the brand, they know your personality, what you stand for, what you do on a day to day business. So I’m going to share with you some content ideas that you should be putting in your Instagram stories. I am looking at some notes. So if I’m looking down away from the phone, you know why, all right, so the best way to show off your personality and Instagram stories. And I’m going to say it is to show up on video, but let me tell you, your video can be super quick. You can share a quick tip, just show your morning routine.

Or maybe there is a process that you’re going through and how you work your business and doing now this remote learning with your kids at home, show your face through Instagram stories. You can even do a quick boomerang, but a video is the best and easiest way to show off your personality and to start building that community, you can also share a relatable story. I shared a relatable story today about this new remote learning and how it’s affecting my kids. How’s it affecting me, but I turned it around into a hopeful, positive message, because you want to make sure that the stories that you share in your Instagram stories relates to your ideal audience. Another great content idea for Instagram stories is to create curiosity. If you have a course or a new podcast episode or a new ebook, share a sneak peek in your Instagram stories, create curiosity about your business without going on a long story journey and you know, getting too lengthy with it, just do a sneak peek in your stories.

You also want to be sharing your freebies. That is another great way to get people to like you and sharing your freebies in your stories is a great way to build your email list. You also want to show behind the scenes. Don’t just tell people how you do things. Show them in Instagram stories, show yourself in action. That’s going to work better than just showing a picture in your newsfeed and writing a caption, put yourself in action, show how you’re doing it in your Instagram stories. And you also want to become a resource. Using stories, share things that you love, that you don’t actually sell. Share the books you’re reading. Share the other podcast that you listen to just become a resource and people are really going to start liking you after they’ve watched your Instagram stories. Now let’s jump over to IGTV. IGTV is when you want to focus on building authority through teaching.

So ask yourself, what can you teach your audience? You want to use this opportunity to show that you are maybe an expert in your niche or you know how to do something really well. And it’s going to be something that your audience needs. Let’s go back to the know like, and trust factor. Use your newsfeed for people to get to know you use your stories for people to like you, because that’s when you’re going to show off your personality. And then your IGTV is when people start to trust you. And that is a great way to build authority. Here’s a key when you are doing IGTV, we have a lot of multi-passionate moms here in this group. I know that, but we all want to talk about everything and try to jam all this information or knowledge into one. IGTV pick one topic and stay on that one topic and keep it short and sweet.

You do want to give in depth the details using IGTV, but you don’t want it. You don’t want it to be too long. There is some research that shows if someone sees an IGTV, that is well over 10 minutes, your audience is most likely not going to watch it. So you want to aim for something that is under 10 minutes. And the sweet spot seems to be between three and six minutes. So that’s pretty easy to do if you’re an authority in your niche and you know something really well, and you can teach it, pick one topic and teach it in three to six minutes. And then what you want to do is you want to make sure that your IGTV gives your audit audience something to implement. They can walk away with something to implement, and you want to give a CTA, a call to action at the end, make sure you tell them what to do.

So if you’re talking about some information, you’re teaching them and you have a podcast episode that goes even deeper, direct your audience to go listen to the podcast episode or direct your audience to go to your website and download a freebie. Maybe you want them to join your Facebook group. So at the end of an IGTV always have a call to action. Now, here is the burning question, Instagram stories. And IGTV how often should you do both? In my opinion, I think you should show up in your Instagram stories daily. I know I said daily, but I think it’s important because this is your opportunity to build community. You want to build the community and show your face in your Instagram stories. Okay? You want that connection with your audience. You want to build a connection show off your personality. That’s when people start to like you now in IGTV.

If you’re a little nervous and you’re just not ready to do an IGTV, I want you to make a goal and do one a month, just start with one a month and then work up to twice a month. And then if you’re going to get real savvy here, try and show up in IGTV once a week. And I know you can do it okay. Once a week. Just think about it three to six minutes. What can you teach on once a week for three to six minutes in IGTV? So there you have it. Instagram stories versus IGTV. Remember Instagram stories is for you to show off your personality and build community. Okay? That’s your opportunity to just be vulnerable show behind the scenes, be yourself. And then TV is your opportunity to build authority. And that is when you are going to teach and go deeper with your audience. And you were going to build on the know like, and trust. So have a fabulous day. Ladies, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you next time.

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