Instagram Likes Are Going Away. Now What?

You might have heard the news, Instagram Likes are going away. What does this mean for you? Is this really a BIG deal?

Let’s dive into what is really happening with Likes, why Instagram is doing it and how you should respond to the change that’s rolling out slowly on the platform.


How many of you are a little annoyed or worried about Instagram taking away likes? Honestly, are you too wrapped up in the metrics?

This episode will be super short…almost like a mini-episode, but yet it’s powerful. Your mindset about Instagram directly affects your business and goals. If you continue to have negative thoughts and reactions to the changes Instagram is implementing, then expect negative outcomes in your business.

Instagram hiding likes isn’t really new news. They first started hiding likes back in May in Canada, then expanded to Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

Here’s how it really works. Likes will NOT disappear altogether. Your like count will just be hidden from your followers. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to view your like count with a few extra clicks. The like count will no longer appear under your post. You’ll need to tap the word ‘others’ to see your like count.

The real story is ‘why Instagram is hiding likes?’

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, wants to make Instagram a safe and healthy space to spend time online. The idea is to quote-unquote “de-pressurize” Instagram. Connections, conversations and community is the focus…especially for young people.

In the past, the number of likes was a status symbol, almost a measure of success (which we know is very mis-guided.)

The main reason why likes are being hidden is for users to focus MORE on authentic content without getting caught up in competition and vanity metrics!

Think about it, Instagram Stories doesn’t have any public metrics, yet they have exploded in popularity for all users, including brands and influencers.

What does this mean for you…you should care more about your content, reach and engagement rather than how many likes your post received.  Do you really need to know how many people liked your selfie?

This change will force you to look at what’s “actually” working on Instagram?

Only time will tell how this change will affect the platform and its users, but until next time….happy posting!


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