Instagram Story Strategies

Instagram Story Strategies and How To Drive More DM’s

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These days, Instagram Stories is the place to be on Instagram.

Very much like Snapchat, it’s a feature on Instagram that allows users to create photo and video sequences that vanish after 24 hours. Each clip is only 15 seconds and each clip can have certain filters, text, hashtags, fun stickers and can even tag a specific account/user.

To add a story, open Instagram, click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. Here, you have a series of options (along the bottom) to take a photo, add filters or graphics, add music, go LIVE or upload photo/video from your phone.

The Instagram Trend

The days of the perfectly polished feed is over! When it comes to increasing Instagram engagement, instead of focusing solely on how to get more likes on your feed, it’s time to turn to Instagram Stories. People are looking for authenticity and Stories are the perfect place!

Instagram Story Strategy Summary (tune in to the show for more explanation)

  • Have regular interval of stories throughout the day. At least 5 per day, but try to get up to 10.
  • Mix your stories between personal and business.
  • Make your stories interactive by using polls, tagging relevant people, asking questions and adding stickers and music.
  • Have a call-to-action (CTA) every 5-7 stories.
  • Use 1 popular hashtag.
  • Use video.
  • Show up daily and be yourself.

Instagram Takeovers…a relatively new trend.

An Instagram Takeover is when one Instagram user allows another to create content on their account for a period of time. During this “takeover” the user taking over the account has the opportunity to connect with a new audience by sharing content. The benefit here is straight forward. You get a chance to connect with an entirely new audience and the person taking over your account gets to do the same.

My favorite Apps to create/edit Stories

  • CutStory – split video into 15 second segments
  • Clipomatic – adds captions to video
  • Unfold/Mojo – graphic templates to give your Stories a crisp look
  • Quik – to create videos
  • Canva – create branded Stories


For my #1 tip on using Instagram Stories to drive more DM’s you need to tune in to the show! That secret is for my listeners!

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