Is The Perfectly Curated Instagram Feed Killing Your Message?

Pep talk time! I want to talk about your Instagram feed and propose the question to you…is your perfectly curated Instagram feed killing your message? Or maybe I can go even further than that. Is it killing your brand? I think a lot of us are confused or we’re torn or pulled in so many different directions because you may hear mentors tell you, “yes, you have to have a very well branded thought out, curated feed to attract the right people to you.” You need to build authority that way. It’s a way of building trust. People are not going to work with you if you have a messy feed!

But then there’s also other entrepreneurs out there telling you, “you do not need a perfectly curated feed.” It can be as messy as you want. You need to stay authentic. The true you! You need to get your message out there. Your content or your message outweighs your pretty graphics or your branded colors. Okay? First of all, I want you to take a deep breath because if you’re feeling torn, you’re not alone.

Listen in on my perspective and what you can do about it.



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