Make Instagram Your Jam: Instagram branding to attract more followers!

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These days, Instagram is just as popular as Facebook and Twitter and many are using Instagram for their businesses!  Who doesn’t like uploading awesome pics to share with the world.  We just love the double clicks and followers.

In this post, I’m going to give you an overview on Instagram and how you can tweak your habits to make Instagram work for you and your business. But first, let’s cover a little Instagram 101.

You may already be familiar with Instagram, but a review never hurt. Besides, you may actually learn something new!

Instagram 101 for your business

handle / This is your Instagram username.  I’m @allisonscholes so go ahead and follow me!

post / A single photo or video that you upload to your account is a post for everyone to see (unless you set for account to private; set it to public if you want to build your brand/business.)

feed / Your feed is where all your photos exist.

follow / This is when you choose to “follow” someone else’s activity so you see their posts.  Their posts will display in your home stream.

home stream / This stream is made up of photos uploaded by accounts you follow.  Here are some great suggestions: me!, @lucywilliams02, @sonyayu, @voguemagazine, @forbes, @jasminedowling, @cupofcouple, @michaelkors, @laneycrowell, @jasminestar and @pegfitzpatrick

likes / This is when your followers double tap your photos or you double tap someone’s photo.

caption / This is the text/description you give a photo post.  These captions can be informative, funny, quotes or a simple emoji. Just keep in mind this is your brand/business so be careful with your captions.

hashtag / Funny how this is a new slang that everyone knows! Using hashtags help you become discovered on Instagram.  My advice, don’t use too many….I usually only stick to 5.

Choosing your handle / handle ideas

Think of your handle as your business card!  Usually using your name is all you need!  I would avoid numbers, symbols or crazy emojis.  If your name is taken, try using your last name first…[email protected]  You can also try adding your middle name or initial.  Or you can try @IamName.

Attracting more Followers on Instagram

Now here’s the real fun.  The best way to begin to attract followers is research the type of followers you want.  Start following people that inspire you.  Look at their feeds. If you like their feed, follow them!!!  This is how it starts, follow those accounts that you like, even if it has nothing to do with your business.  It’s all about making connections on Instagram.

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Tips on Instagram marketing

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Next: How to Create Your Grid to gain followers and grow your business! Time for more Instagram branding!  So grab my favorite coffee mug and let’s get to work.

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