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Today I have a special guest for you and you’re going to love her.

Cassie Kitzmiller is a sales and strategy coach for small business owners, founder of the Christian Women Business Builders, and a momma to three little boys who are always hungry.

She’s an amazon bestselling author, licensed interior designer, church planter, and seriously passionate about the idea of working smarter, not harder.


Allison: Okay ladies, if you’re ready to work smarter, not harder then keep listening because Cassie is here today to unload her genius. Welcome Cassie.

Cassie: Hi Alison. So excited to be here.

Allison: Oh, thank you. And before we dive into our topic today, please let our listeners know who you are and what’s your business.

Cassie: Absolutely. My name is Cassie Kitzmiller. I am a momma to three wild little boys. I am a small business sales and strategy coach and I am also the founder of Christian Women Business Builders.

Allison: That’s amazing. Now, the title of our show today is ‘Multiply, Don’t Add, Getting More Done While Working Less.’ Can you explain to us this concept of multiplying instead of adding?

Cassie: Absolutely. Being a mom of three and running multiple businesses, I was quickly getting burnt out and was doing what we all do, where I just kept adding more to my to do list and realized that there must be a better way.

We can’t just always do more. I came up with the concept of multiplying my results instead of adding more things to do. And it’s actually a proven principle. Most of the time if you have two numbers and you add them together, you’re going to get a lot less than if you take those same numbers and multiply them. So I always like to say if you have four plus four it’s eight, but if you have four times four it’s 16, same numbers, double the results.

Allison: What does this look like, multiplying, when it comes to business?  How do you apply that concept in your business?

Cassie: When it comes to business as well as home life, honestly, it’s about focusing on the areas that you excel at and doing more of those. Multiply what it is that you do well, and where you need to add more to your plate, that’s where you outsource. That’s where you multiply your results by reaching out to other women, to other businesses, other mamas in your network to get more done but not having to do more.


Allison: If we have moms who are listening and they have this ever-long to-do list, what would be in your opinion the first step when it comes to the concept of multiplying and not adding? I can totally relate to this topic, as moms we just have this feeling that we need to do everything in our home life and in our business. When we have all the things to do, when it’s so overwhelming, what is the first step to get the ball rolling when it comes to multiplying and not adding to that to-do list.

Cassie: My vote for the very first step is focus on creating priorities. When, as a mom and in business, you know that everything feels important, but when it comes down to it, there’s probably only one or two things in your home and in your business that if you would knock those out of the park, if you would focus your time and intention in those areas, then everything else will fall into place. Focus your intention, focus your time on knocking out that priority, and then you will be more aware, you’ll be more open, and you will be a lot more productive to take care of the other things on your list.

Allison: When we prioritize, would you tell moms to really focus on maybe one to two things to prioritize? Is this an overall goal that goes over a long period of time or are you speaking day to day?

Cassie: I love that question. I just got done in the membership group doing an entire training on time management and becoming masters of our time. One of my favorite tips is to break down your big massive to-dos into 90-day goals. Ninety days is just long enough that you can get some amazing stuff done. I literally wrote, edited, produced a cover, and had it out in the world in 90 days. My first book came from idea to completion in 90 days. I’ve launched our membership group from zero members to over 200 within 90 days. Then you scale that down into monthly to-do’s, weekly to-do’s and then even down into daily to-dos.

Allison: I love that and sounds really like what I call time blocking. Give us an example, Cassie, of what your typical day may look like. Because if we are mompreneurs and we’re running a business, but we’re also running our household, a mom who has a million things to do is kind of wondering what is my day to day going to look like? And what can I handle? Can you give our listeners what your day to day looks like?

Cassie: I am finally in a season of life where my littles are sleeping through the night. Hallelujah. And thank you lord. So I try to get a power hour in at least four to five days a week. That’s when I have that intense work focus time. Right now, I get up at 5:30. From 5:30 to 7:00 or 7:30 is my power hour. I pray, I spend time in the word, I do a little bit of really focused, creative work. Then I do a 20-minute workout. If I get that done four to five days a week, I am golden. From there the kids are up, we’re fixing breakfast, we’re doing homeschool lessons, we’re running them around. Mom-kid time happens in the middle of the day. By early afternoon- evening, I may take an hour or two during nap time, quiet time to answer emails, be on social media, be active in my community. Afternoon, evening is dinner. And then we’re off to the races with football or small group or fill in the blank from there.


Allison: That’s awesome. And did I hear that you homeschool your kids?

Cassie: Yes. I’ve got an eight-year-old who is in third grade and then we just started preschool with my four-year-old.

Allison: Mama if you’re listening and your kids go to school you have no, excuse. You can get these power hours in. If Cassie can do her power hours and do homeschooling, you can do as well. And you know, I think you said something so key! POWER HOURS and I do the exact same thing. I work in power hours. I set the alarm on my phone and when the hour is up, and maybe I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to do, but that’s okay because I think that’s when you really focus and zone in on that one hour. The phone is out of the room, the kids are entertained, you’re not worried about cleaning, you’re not worried about cooking, you’re not worried about making phone calls. It’s whatever you set for that power hour; you just focus in on it. And it’s so true, you can get more done in less time. Right? Do you agree with that?

Cassie: So much. Focus is really where it’s at. You can spend much time chasing rabbit trails and getting very little done. Even 20 minutes of really intentional clarity moves the needle so much. And one of my favorite things about calling it power hour is that it’s kind of makes it like special. I can tell the husband, I’m not answering emails, I’m in my power hour.


Allison: Let’s recap a bit. The first thing that we should do as mompreneurs is really prioritize our to-do’s, even in our personal life and in business. That’s really the first step. And then take maybe the top two or three priorities and attach a 90-day goal and then reverse engineer from the 90 days. Is that how you do it? You look at the 90 days of where you want to be at the end of 90 days and then reverse engineer it. And break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. Is that how you do it?

Cassie: Yeah, that’s the big picture goal. You want to start with that clear measurable goal and when you set that goal, you are setting up little target dates. At the end of month one, if I’m going to accomplish that, this must get done. And then within that month I break that goal down into weekly tasks, then down to daily tasks. These things must happen in order to achieve my monthly goal and then for that 90-day goal to happen.

Allison: I guess my last question for you is, I heard you say when you wake up, you do a lot of self-care for yourself in the morning?


Cassie: As a mom and as a business owner, you give a lot, but I find myself more anxious. I find myself snapping a little, a little bit more than I should or that I normally would. If I can find 10, 15, 20 minutes of solitude quiet, whether it’s sipping a cup of coffee, praying, journaling, I am just a bit more prepared to face the challenges that occur every day.

Allison: And you said a key word – anxiety. Recently, I was guilty of waking up and grabbing my phone and looking at my to-do list and the anxiety for the day was pretty much set and that set the tone for my day. Recently I put the phone down and I journal with my coffee right away and then I read for a good 15 to 20 minutes, and I do all this before my kids are up. Mama’s, if you’re listening, I highly suggest that you do this. This will add to the multiplying and not adding to your day. It really will. Do you agree Cassie?

Cassie: Absolutely. I don’t know if anybody out there has read the Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs.

Allison: I have not.


Cassie: The miracle morning is great, but for entrepreneurs one is really focused on why self-care and why that intentional morning setting is so important. It’s just being able to get clear and to do more in the day without just feeling like you’re chasing your tail all day long.

Allison: Thank you Cassie, so much for today. I think we could dig into this topic more and more and maybe we will at a future date if we get some more questions from our listeners

Where can our listeners find you out in the social media world?

Cassie: Well, I’m available out there on Facebook at Christian Women Business Builders online. The website is and we do daily trainings every day in the group. I do sales and talk about strategy. We’ve got a lawyer in there that talks legal, we’ve got a finance gal. All those questions that you have, we are there every day of the week with just some truth and a little bit of tidbit for you.

Allison: And I’ll make sure that I put all your information in the show notes. Is there anything else you want to leave our listeners with today?

Cassie: We had just launched the public group, so for your listeners, if they will go to and click on the ‘learn more’. We are offering a free membership into the backend library where you can meet all the coaches, get access to some free bonuses, watch some of the trainings and just community.

Allison: The material and the value that all of you ladies’ offer is just wonderful. Being a mompreneur, solopreneur, you’re not alone in the process. There’s so many out there to support you and help you. I feel that I learned so much from other women and learn how to streamline all the other processes that I don’t like to do so I can focus on the stuff that I really love to do. Right.

Cassie: That’s a whole another interview, Allison.

Allison: Well, Cassie, thanks so much for being on the show today, and as Cassie says best ‘work smarter mama’s not harder’.



You can reach out to Cassie by email: [email protected] or find her online through Facebook, Instagram or her website. If you’d like a free trail to the community >>click here<<

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