My Top 10 Tips for Instagram Success

My Top 10 Tips for Instagram Success

Welcome to the New Year and the new decade. If you are looking to grow your Instagram this year, this episode is for you. I will be sharing my top 10 tips for Instagram success.


Listen in and learn.


My top 10 tips for Instagram success

  1. Plan and schedule your content: This tip will help you remain relevant, consistent, and even save you time. Make use of scheduling tools like Planoly.
  2. Make use of branded images/ graphics: This will help you grow your brand and stand out on Instagram.
  3. If you don’t use Instagram stories apps, it’s time for you to make good use of them. Download a few of your favorites. They give your stories a creative edge. I like to use Unfold, Mojo, Story Chic and Canva.
  4. Make use of stock photos: It is essential to ensure to mix them on your feed. is among the sites that offer free images.
  5. Incorporate video in your posting strategy, either 60 seconds clips in your post feed, upload a video to your IGTV, or add videos to your Instagram stories. One of my favorite apps to create fun and eye-catching videos is Quik or download Video Shop.
  6. When writing captions or any content for Instagram, make sure you stick to your niche.
  7. Hashtags: I cannot emphasize enough how vital hashtags are for Instagram. Think of hashtags like a mini search engine for Instagram. They allow your posts to get discovered by other users. Never post without hashtags either in your captions or in the comments. Also, don’t keep using the same hashtags day after day.
  8. Create Instagram stories highlights: This tip has been instrumental in growing my email list.
  9. If video absolutely terrifies you. Use headliner. It is a desktop-only tool for now. The tool creates audio recordings for a graphic or photo. I love using this tool. You can create audio files for your feed posts or Instagram stories.
  10. Have an online support system or community within Instagram. Having an online community of like-minded people helps keep you accountable, consistent, and, more importantly, motivated to move in the right direction. Find people similar to you and in your niche industry and create a group.

Those are the tips, and I hope you have great success on Instagram this year.


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