Networking Made Easier

Networking Made Easier with Sandie DeMarco

 Are you among the people who feel like networking is a nightmare? Today you are in for a treat. In this episode, you’ll learn some tips that will make your networking easier and less scary.

Today we have Sandie DeMarco on the show. She is a social media coach and small business owner. She enjoys holding people’s hands and helping them grow their business. Sandie will be sharing with us everything we need to know about networking.

  • If you haven’t been networking, it is time for you to start. Networking allows you to build relationships and gives you exposure.
  • When networking, your primary goal should be building relationships and getting people to know more about you and your business.
  • It is vital to network with a learning mentality.
  • If you are wondering where to find networking events,, Facebook groups, and Facebook events are an excellent place to start.


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